Backstory #3


man i thought kevin lou’s art was really bad. not to sound like a jerk but it didn’t do anything for me. even the coloring sucked. i say bring back joe mad!


I agree 110 percent. But it’s cool that a lot of different artists are showing their support for SF.


I’ll admit that I had a few small issues with the artists’s representation of the mighty Zangief (too skinny & no SPD, Lariat, FAB, etc), but other than that, a solid back story.

Interesting tidbit: This is Zangief’s boss battle in SFA2, except this takes place at the U.S. Martial Arts Championships (what’s Zangief doing there?) and Zangief loses.

Next issue: Guile & Charlie…


Not that I really know that much about the U.S. Martial Arts tournament, but isn’t it supposed to be for people… from the U.S.?


Or at least that live in it…

BTW: Doll alert! Juni shows up in isssue 3!!! and she gets a whole page!!! I bet you’re a happy man Tiamat!!:smiley:


Well, while I’m happy, I kinda already knew that she would since Udoneko mentioned it a month or so ago :sweat: She looks cute. But… it’s not like Juni ever does NOT look cute. :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked it and I think it suited it considering it was a love story. Still prefer the main story art though.


In most cases, I don’t think most of the back-up art is bad. It’s just that the art in the main story is so insanely good that it overshadows things a bit :stuck_out_tongue: But I thought the back up art here was pretty good. And poor Kev was on short notice, I believe.


Can’t be that bad right? I have to get my copy next wed cause they sold out, but willing to order more copies cause I told to to. I’ll have to judge till then.


I really liked the art of the Ken and Eliza story. The coloring job was unique and so was the art style.

I have to say it was much better than the rabid monkey Chun li vs. Cammy battle last issue :bluu:



Art is a funny thing and different people can have total different takes on the same piece of art. That said, we do select our guests based on a lot of different reasons -

  1. their skill and style - we want to make sure that you get some good stuff!

  2. to some extent, their popularity - the whole reason behind the guest backup story is to give the readers more variety in the SF book. And also, in hopes that from the guest artists’ audience, we can draw some non-SF fans in and “convert” them (LOL) to make our SF fan base bigger and stronger.

  3. they ability to tell the story that needed to to told - some back up stories are more focused in character relationships (like issue 3), some are plot points (like issue 1) and some are more action oriented (like issue 2), so when we have a story in mind with the particular character in the story, we start thinking who would do a good job on it and make a list, and contact the artists…

  4. and of coz their availability - we make a list. We do. But not every first choice is available. I have been bugging Jim Lee to do one, almost to the extent that Jim would actually run away from me at cons. (I am not kiddin!)…

So no matter what, each back up is the work of some good, respectible artists that should deserve a all round applause.



We need more of JOE “MOTHERFUCKING” MAD!


little off topic but . in issue 1 i belive the back story of ryu/sagat … didnt sagat lose his eye to ryu when he did his shoryuken ?

cause in the fight he already has his eye patch .


No Ryu leaves Sagat with the scar on his chest, it was before SF1 (which that backstory is about) that Sagat lost his eye, he lost it to Dan’s father, whom he murdered in that same fight shortly afterwards, this is why Dan wants to defeat Sagat so bad & avenge his father.


I would die if Jim Lee drew backup/covers for street fighter.