Backwards Compatable stick problems!

I made a thread like this in the PS Netowork but I don’t know if it should go there or here… I’m trying to play SF anniversary edition on PS3 but only one stick will work and we have three hooked up… Is it because of the backwards compatable Ps3 wont recognize 2 sticks on the Ps3? We can get the pad and stick to work but just not two sticks… Any help is highly appreciated.

The Arcade FightSticks from Mad Catz do not work for Backwards Compatible PlayStation 3.

Yeap. Madcatz sticks don’t work for PS2 games or on ps1 games downloaded from the playstation network. I found that out when I downloaded SF Alpha 1 on my PS3.

Technically, most newer sticks past the HRAP3s don’t support PS2 BC games (even the new HRAP.V3s apparently dont).

My Hori Fight Stick 3 works on it… But the second one we have hooked up doesn’t…

Your second HORI Fight Stick 3 doesn’t work?

Are you by any chance using some sort of USB hub?

Correct! so have you heard of this before?

it might not be getting enough power for both

That’s odd. My Madcatz SE stick and HRAP3 SA works on Alpha 2. Maybe it’s just Alpha 1? Alpha 2 from PSN btw.

My SE FightStick works fine with the PS1 games I’ve got from PSN:
FF7, FF8, Metal Gear Solid, Suikoden, Castlevania: SotN.

Is that because it is PSN game?
I thought Backwards Compatible meant PlayStation 2 game discs.

I don’t know anything about PlayStation 3.