Backwards Compatibility Petition Round 3

Figure it’s worth it’s own thread.

The last two updates have worked well. We got SFAC and Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Guilty Gear.

We still haven’t got CvS2 and Third Strike and MvC2 need some patches (MvC2 needs a lot of work).

Time to send more emails!

We need:

Fix for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike in SF Anniversary Collection: Fix the slowdown when characters high jump, fix the sprite glitching in the backgrounds (Chun’s stage, Sean’s stage, Car bonus stage, Basketball bonus stage).

Fix for Marvel vs Capcom 2 Fix the sprite glitching and the major slowdown

Fix Silent Hill 2 Silent Hill 2 has problems loading save games. If a save game is present on the X360 HDD, the game will not boot properly.

Add Capcom vs SNK 2

** Add Samurai Shodown 5**

Add Metal Slug 3

If we keep this up, we could end up getting our games working properly by the end of the year :lovin:

Send all emails to

Fix KOF 2k2 and bring in CvS2.

To hell with everything else.