Backwards Compatible PS3 - Which sticks will work with PS2 games?


Hi everyone;

My husband and I currently own a MadCatz SFIV stick and were disappointed to find out that it does not work with PS2 games on our backwards-compatible PS3. Our X-Arcade won’t work at all with the PS3 adapter. I’ve been trying to research which sticks DO work for PS2 games on PS3. I would prefer **not **to have to mod as I’m not really good at that sort of thing.

My search of these forums, Google, eBay and Amazon seems to suggest that Hori sticks work… but do ALL of them work? There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. Also, many posts are several years old, and I’ve read that Sony firmware updates tend to affect compatibility for certain sticks. I’d like to get a current opinion based on the latest firmware.

I was looking at getting the 6-button Hori Fighting Stick V3 as they seem to be one of the easier sticks to find (and quite affordable)… however there was an Amazon review mentioning that this particular model does not work with the BC PS3. The review was from 2012, however. Is this still the case?

Some others have recommended the Hori Fighting Stick 3 (the one with 8 multicolored buttons). Does this one work? What are the main differences between these two models, other than the number of buttons? Does one have better reliability or performance? Is one bigger/heavier than the other? I didn’t see the FS3 listed in the main recommendation thread, only the V3.

I’ve also heard good things about the HRAP V3 SA, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to invest that much, since we are fairly casual players. If it’s the only model that works, though, I may pony up the cash.

Are there any other brands besides Hori that reliably work?

Thanks for your help!


There is a thread that deal with this exact issue, but rather than posting a link as its a mess I recap the highlights here.
The issue exist for both Backwards compatible PS3 consoles (20 GB, 60 Gb, and certain 80 GB models like the MGS4 console) as well as PS2 download titles from PSN.

Method one, using a compatible controller, stick or PCB

Confirmed Working for Backwards compatibility
Sony brand Six Axis game pad
Sony brand Dual Shock 3 Game Pad
Hori Hrap 3 (cira 2008)
All current Toodles PCBs that have PS3 support. (may or may not have to turn on VSHG mode)
Cerberus PCB
Sega brand, Sega Virtua Stick High Grade

There hard to pin point, but some of the other PS2 to PS3 USB adapters, with a deticated PS/home button sometimes works. It’s hit or Miss

Method Two, controller swaping I would try this first
NOTE: You will need a Sony Six Axis or Dual Shock 3 Game Pad

  1. Start your game with the Sony Pad
  2. Let you game boot up
  3. plug in your stick of choice
  4. designate the stick/pad of your choice as your controller

Confirmed Not Working for Backwards compatibility so far

Mad Catz Street Fighter IV SE
WWE Brawl stick
Mad Catz Round 1 TE (includes the white “Asian” TE)
Datel/Paewang boards
Mayflash Sticks and Xbox 360 to PS3 adapters
PDP controllers including the After Glow, Rock candy, PDP’s Fight pad and both MK sticks.
Exar sticks
XCM adapters
HDE Xbox 360 to PS3 adapter
Teensy board, varies on programing used.
All Windows PC Based HID class USB PCBs that lack button # 13 (Home/Guide)
Qanba/ Eight Arc Sticks.
Knock-off USB Saturn Pads
Knock-off USB SNES Pads

Also the X-Arcade Adapter is terrible.


Thanks for the reply! I did try to dig through that thread earlier and I saw the list of compatible/non-compatible controllers. However, the only two off-the-shelf sticks listed as confirmed working are the HRAP 3 and the Sega VSHG; the rest are either gamepads or PCBs. The HRAP is expensive, the VSHG seems hard to find. :confused:

The Fighting Stick 3 and V3 are not listed either working or non-working. Does anybody have one of those that can confirm either way?

I could use some clarification on step 4 of the hot swapping trick; I’m not sure how to “designate the stick/pad of your choice as my controller.” I tried plugging in the MadCatz stick after I booted a PS2 disc, but am stuck from there. Then again, the stick is listed as confirmed not working, so am I just out of luck?


For what it’s worth, I recently got a Hori Fighting Commander 4 fightpad for PS3/PS4 and that too works with PS2 games on PS3. Dollars to doughnuts these new HRAPs (HRAP 4Kai, HRAP v5 Hayabusa) will also work for PS2 games on PS3, and you’ll be covered for PS4 as well.

I almost sold my HRAP3 until I was reminded it didn’t work was the only one of my two sticks that did work for PS2 games on PS3. Also, I found its turbos faster than the turbos on my PS3 Mad Catz arcade stick. And come to think of it, I don’t think any Mad Catz arcade sticks have L3 & R3 buttons…


Thanks for the info triple_lei. The Fighting Commander 4 looks pretty cool, I might pick one up for myself. But my husband definitely prefers sticks. So, it seems there’s some conflicting info now, are you saying the HRAP3 is NOT compatible with PS2 games on the PS3? The list that Darksakul posted has it in the compatible category.


I should have made it more clear

There 2 versions of the Hrap 3’s PCB
The earlier versions works, the later version doesn’t
Hrap 3 that made on or before 2008 works, the ones that made later does not.


ps360+ has a mode for ps2 games…

i have a old fat ps3 that supports NTSC PS2 games and i need to unplug and replug usb cable for it to work :slight_smile:


Whoa, you’re right. Yes, the HRAP3 does work with PS2 games and my PS3 Mad Catz didn’t.

I swear it all made sense in my head, but I’m going to shamefully edit my post hours after the fact…


Ok, I’m currently looking at either this one:
PS3 Real Arcade Pro. 3-SA
(is this the model you have, triple_lei?)

Or this one:
PS3 Fighting Stick 3

Both of them have reviews that seem to confirm backwards compatibility. I’m a bit concerned about some performance issues people reported with the FS3, like buttons getting stuck. It is a cheap option at $50-ish however.

The HRAP 3-SA is listed as a 2009 release date… is that inaccurate, considering the reviews? Or are those reviews too old and no longer useful with the latest firmware?

There’s another affordable stick which is very common on eBay:
Fighting Stick V3

However I can’t figure out if this particular model is backwards compatible.


This is my exact model:
Playstation 3 Real Arcade Pro. 3 Fighting Stick

I believe I got it new on Amazon for $100 shipped back in 2009.


Thanks again everybody for the info. I’m still hoping I can get solid confirmation on backwards compatibility for these sticks:

Hori Fighting Stick 3
Hori Fighting Stick V3
HRAP 4 Kai

I put the 4 Kai on there because while I know for certain the HRAP 3 (circa 2008) version works, all the ones for sale on eBay and Amazon cost nearly much as the 4 Kai right now… so why not just get a 4 Kai and have a stick that can also work for PS4 out of the box? I’d still prefer to find a stick for under $100, but if that’s just not possible, I want to make sure whatever stick I do buy will work properly.

Any suggestions for other sticks besides the ones listed here or in Darksakul’s list above are also welcome!


Hi there and shoryuken!

Did you manage to find the proper one?
I am also after a multi functional stick for backwards compatibility but PS3 and PS4 use as well…

I have two HORI fighting sticks mini 4 edition, working fine with PS1 on PS3, PS3 and PS4 but not with PS2 on PS3…

Any advise? Even for modding them!?

Thanks in advance


There is no mods for PS2 games on the PS3 consoles. It is how the Backwards compatibility/Emulation works with PS2 titles.
The PS3 resets all controllers and does a soft reboot to go into PS2 mode, this disconnects any controllers as well.

Official Sony controllers the Six Axis and the Dual Shock 3 can reset, absolutely everything else does not.
Keep in mind PS2 games are expecting a PS2 controller, and the PS3 has to emulate that. The PS3 uses USB/Bluetooth controllers which gets adapted in software for the PS2 games.

This is the same for Backwards compatible consoles as well as PS2 PSN downloaded games.

There is a work around, boot your game with your Official Sony controller, once the game starts use the home button to reassign controllers.
Don’t plug in your stick till after the PS2 game starts.


Thanks for your advise.
I have tried several times with different PS2 games but with no luck; did exactly as you instructed.

I am thinking that since the original dual shock controller works fine maybe i should disassemble one and mod it’s pcb onto the hori somehow… Needs much of try outs work and testing as i am not really familiar… Or if i can try the Brooks PS3/PS4 to PS4/PS3 adapter with some luck!


ShinJN adapter+six-axis pcb will 100% work as it’s a Sony pcb if you are in search of a guaranteed-to-work-on-all-ps3-titles config. I use mine on my pstv, no PS3 atm.


Only trouble free way, shinjn or toodles axis adapter & a six axis pcb ( some dualshocks will work but you will have to ruin aa controller to find out)

By the way on your pstv are you able to do a 2 player vs battle with 2 wireless six axis sticks on for example alpha 3 max or blazblue?


Guys thanks for the heads up. I will have to search more to find out:
1)how to do that mod and
2)where to get the parts…

In case you have anything in mind regarding stores and modding guide, just let me know.

I live in Greece so preferably purchases should be from EU countries (but i have done some shopping in the past from Arcade Shock in the USA with the excessive postage drawback)


Ah I don’t have x2 six axis to try but like the ps3 the pstv can take multiple BT devices(Up to 4 iirc). So I’ve connected my DS3, DS4 & ShinJN SixAxis at once but local co-op compatibility seems game specific. I can test sometime and report back on SkullGirls local vs.


Yeah a ds3 and a ds4 would be fine, would you be able to check if it works on local vs on sf alpha max?


If I buy it I’ll try for you! I’ve always had the hardcopy and eventually the *.iso file so I never owned the official psn version and my pstv is not modded. Side note: it’s the most complete version of sfa3/sfz3 double upper for sure but not Arcade perfect sadly hopefully it will be one day whenever it’s remasterd for psn/xbl/steam.