Backwards Wavedashing on pad


Whats the best way to wavedash backwards on pad ( i use dualshock 2/3 if it matters). I can Wavedash forward pretty consistently.




this is plink dashing in case you haven’t encountered it before


How does plink dashing actually work? Are all attacks just dash cancellable in the first few frames or something?


I just use a QCD motion.


I actually do:

:b: + :l: + :m: -> :db: -> :b: + :l: + :m: -> etc.

As long as you don’t input a :d: motion, you shouldn’t get a QCB/RDP/DD motion


It’s a Kara-Cancel.

Also, don’t wavedash. Always PLink dash, it’s much better, so get in the right habit.


I thought Kara cancelling was cancelling normals into specials. Are you saying that you can also Kara cancel a normal into a dash?


This. I’d like to ask how plinking is a variation of karas…


All a Kara-Cancel is is taking advantage of a games built in “slop” buffer.

Basically, the game as about a 3 frame margin of error for inputs. When you combine this with a knowledge of input priority, you get a kara-cancel.

In this case, it goes like this:

  1. you hit a button for a normal
    2)within the “slop” window you hit two buttons for a dash
    3)A two button input has greater priority than a one button input, so the dash takes precedence and your character dashes.
    4)Dashes (most of them) are normals cancelable so you can repeat the process.

This is faster than a wavedash as there is no gap of any kind (for crouching), and this is also how people do the rapid dashes in the air with flight mode characters. It also lets you OS throw into every dash using 6C or 4C as your Kara.


I do multiple air dashes the lazy way. I just dash in different directions.

I have a question though for someone more knowledgeable on this than me. With a character like Trish, do your air dashes have to be something besides H to avoid dive kicking? I have to multiple air dash with L + M to avoid this.


Awesome, thanks.


This is actually a major pet peeve for me. FlyingVe already explained everything necessary, but I just have to emphasize how wrong the word ‘plinkdash’ is (to me). The technique in question is really nothing more but a kara cancel and as such karadash would be a more appropriate name. Somehow plinkdashing just became the buzzword for no good reason. ihateyouflashmetroid.


It has to do with the motion your hand performs, I believe.


Well, it’s because the motion is the same as PLinking. I agree its not accurate, but the word PLink had just kinda adapted itself to anything that has that motion.


No it doesn’t. Plinking comes from two words, priority linking -> p-linking -> plinking, and it’s a trick in SF4/SFxT to make the game think you pressed a certain button in “adjacent” frames. To make tight link windows easier. It’s only coincidental that the word conveniently describes the action itself, but that isn’t an excuse to call it plinkdashing.

Whatever, it’s a pet peeve and I’m willing to accept that the word was already agreed to almost a year ago. Just felt a need to rant…