Bad component cables?

My brother bought some component cables for his Wii but I don’t notice much difference in the games. In fact, I fired up Zelda TP and the game looks worse than on a SDTV.

The TV I have is a Samsung (forgot the model number) and it is has 720p resolution. I think the real problem is the component cables because my bro bought them from Pacific Mall. For those of you not living in Canada, the Pacific Mall has a lot of bootleg stuff. I gotta take a pic of the packaging for the component cables, it’s hilarious.

So, is the issue the component cables, or am I just expecting too much from the Wii?

Is there any kind of HD switch on the Wii? I know that on the 360 it looks like garbage on component until you flip the HD switch.

Well, as long as the component cables are not over 2m long… duh. But it’s weird, the regular composite cables have so much colour bleeding you should notice a difference. A slightly jaggi, pixelated look is normal since the max output of the Wii is 480p. Is there any option to make sure you are not outputting in 480i? Or does the game you are testing support progressive scan.
Not all Wii game support progessive output which also worsens the video quality.

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Isn’t there a setting in the wii menu somewhere for resolution? It’s been a while since I set up my component cables, but I seem to recall having to toggle an option in a menu somewhere.

It could very well be the cable though. Cheap analog cable can be bad news.

I tested two games: Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda TP. I didn’t notice a difference on SMG and TP looked worse. I know that SMG supports 480p, not sure about TP. I know that the Wii settings allow either 480i and 480p, but 480p is selected. I’ll try looking for a HD switch on the Wii.

it could be the cables, i switch from composite to component cables midplay during fire emblem and the colors were way more vivid and defined. i dont recall hitting any switches either.

There is no physical switch. Just a menu option in the settings menu. Sounds like you got some junk cables. Really no reason to go with anything but the official Nintendo cables. My Wii and Samsung look dynamite (or as well as they can) with the Big N component cables. Make sure it’s set to 480p and that the cables are in an input that displays a 480p signal. Other than that… get some new cables.

Yeah, I thought as much. Oh well, it’s not my problem…I didn’t buy the cables. :slight_smile: