Bad Diagonal Input Mad Catz SF IV TE Tournament Edition Fightstick

Mad Catz TE Tournament Edition Fightstick bad diagonal input

Hi there.
I am a new owner of a Mad Catz TE Tournament Edition Fightstick for the XBOX 360 (Apparently from the 2nd production line).
I use it via the Microsoft XBOX driver on my PC (XP SP3 oder Vista) on several emulators.

So far I encountered a very big flaw.

**Diagonal inputs (for example jumping backwards/forwards) are often incorrect and are interpreted as a straight vertical input (up or down repectively). **

**That’s indepedent of the game und also evident in the Windows Gamecontroller configuration where you can see the activated inputs as arrows.

Even if I “keep an eye” on the stick and go directly into the diagonal niche it is sometimes interpreted as a vertical input.**

Also, please note that I have access to a 2nd exact unit of the stick (friend of mine has it,too, also 2nd production line), the behaviour is the same.
A so called production mistake is improbable.

Moves that include diagonal input for example the qcf (quarter circle forward) or 180 degree however shows each input step extremely precise.

I can’t image that’s the feeling the players of the original SF IV Arcade cabinet experience.

My question is if you share this flaw ? Is it common on this stick (due to the construction maybe)?

I look forward to hear from you because this input screws the fun to play with the TE stick.

Mini feedback about the input in general:
180 degree circles, or 320 bigger circles work fine, also charge moves,
very fast quarter circles qcf (shoots) are sometimes “swallowed”.
diagonal jumping is very unprecise!

I am having the same issue after replacing a the ball top on mine. any help would be appriciated.

You need to use xpadder to detect your stick’s directionals, then bind your stick’s directionals using xpadder to keyboard inputs. Then use your emulator to bind those keyboard inputs to the directionals, this should fix your issue.

so for example

you use xpadder to bind your up to 8 on your numberpad. Then you go to the emulator, and then bind your up directional to 8 instead of using the stick’s up input. Don’t ask why this happens, but it fixes.

i’m having a similar issue only mine is from the first line and it’s a ps3 version. sometime it just wont read dash inputs or air dash inputs, and other times i get completely random inputs coming out, like if i do a 623 input i’ll get a 214 input or a 236, i’ve already questioned my execution and it’s fine, can’t really mess up dashes and air dashes so it makes me wonder.

I also have problems with QCF and QCB moves. I almost need to ride the gate to get the diagonal detected. Fortunately the ultra moves (QCFx2 and QCBx2) have lenient inputs and don’t require the diagonals.