bad frame rate

When im capturing on my dazzle and i play it back over it speeds em up real fast do to lost of frame rate im guessing. My core is at 100% the whole time when imcapturing so is there any solutionto this problem? that is not buying a new laptop or pc? ill show yall a vid of what it looks like if ya want
look at those 2 vids. see how fast they are? im not speeding them up its really like that. I was watching tv when iwas doing the god of war2 one so that why you hear a commercial.

Is there an option to lower the bit rate for recording?

There are many things that can be done, but if you computer just isn’t up to snuff, then these will all be fruitless:

  1. Disable all unecessary startup programs, which is generally anything except anti-virus (research how to use ‘msconfig’)

  2. Temporarily disable anti-virus software while capturing

  3. Capture to a secondary (non-OS) hard drive

  4. Use compression. If you are using compression, use a simpler method, such as MPEG-2. IF you are using a simple compression method, lower bitrate (as mentioned above).

  5. Defragment the capture hard drive before capturing.

These are general recommendations. If you let us know more details about your computer, capture method and compression you are using, we may be able to help further.

no idea

1)Ive done that already and it didnt help

2)Done that to

  1. I dont get it. is tha like Local drive D? You know whow to do it? Captrue with studio 10 btw

4)Im using MPEG
5)Done that