Bad Habits for Guy players



Got the idea for this from the Rose forum. So what are some bad habits you all have?

I know about not doing lp.shoulder after every TC from the beginner thread.

I have a problem with predictable run>slide, and trying to do crossup mk when my opponent is in the corner, doh!


Unless i fight someone who doesnt know how to beat guy’s mixups, i normaly just use shoulder or runstop…


After knockdown?

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using guy


Sliding when someone focus lol :smiley:


For some reason,whenever I’m playing a matchup I don’t know I tend to cr.HK a lot which I hardly ever do under normal circumstances. I also use too much run overhead vs turtling opponents. Most importantly though, I need to stop eating wake up ultras :smiley:


Out of all the people I fight here at locals only 3 can react to bushin flip/run oh everytime plus when I play against guy unless its online you’ll maybe hit me with overhead once and I will get gutsy to jumpback izuna


My biggest bad habit is hitting buttons during wake ups against safe jumps from Bison/Rose/Cammy/Fei long rush down very well but my defense is lacking as I become too active (a Tekken habit maybe).


doing ex tatsu when i panic.


My bad habit is whenever I use excessive pressure towards my opponent, they tend to break out of it (most notably, Shoryukens).


Is it excessive pressure or do you get predictable?

Not bring critical, just curious.


EX tatsu when panicking…
spamming too much cr. mk when up close.
and not using the correct cr. mp anti-air. ¬_¬


Actually both to a certain extent. I try my best at times to change the pressure pattern to keep the flow going.


Underestimating how terribly Guy still loses to low profile moves.


Stop jumping duck :frowning:


It’s not just jumping. Tatsu, running overhead, bushin flip elbow all lose to it.


^^ I dont even care about those moves losing to lows…

but j.MK … FUKING Jumping medium kick , his only cross up ALSO loses to lows as well. fuk you capcom.
I realize that doing it very deep might make it hit some of the lows , but then it loses its ambiguity not to mention D.MP loses too .


^ I had a j.HK beaten by a Is that normal? =\


i have a bad habit of J.D MP too much, i get FA all day.


Yes, you have to do it extremely deep to beat low profile moves, which, when combined with Guy’s floaty jump, basically guarantees getting dp’d against any competent player.