Bad habits Guile players are guilty of

So in an effort to try to improve my Guile game, I’d like to try to get a list of common bad habits that a lot of Guile players are guilty of.

I’m definitely guilty of spamming cr.rh way too much, followed up by a random flashkick if I whiff on the sweep. It definitely does get me into a lot of trouble

What other things should I look out for and try to avoid?

falling for crossups entirely too much. I’ve met ONE guile in all like 2500 games i’ve played online that had perfect crossup defense, he tore my ryu a new asshole, and was without a doubt the best guile i’ve ever played against.

Another common mistake i’ve seen guiles do, at least against my ryu, is constantly start the matchup with a sonic boom. If ryu predicts this, you’re eating a hurricane kick directly in your mouth. I know guile has a limited moveset but that’s no excuse to not be unpredictable. People need to make more use of his awesome normal attacks instead of just spamming booms and flash kicks endlessly like a flowchart ken spams shoryukens lol. So my best advice is mix things up ALOT, and make use of guile’s extremely fast overhead.

Using the same attack patterns after a LP. Sonic Boom. I am a serious offender of this.

The last Guile I played handed my ass to me by using LP’s and LK’s after his LP Sonic Boom, as well as some other normals. I couldn’t do squat against his Boom follow-ups. Again, try to be unpredictable.

i used to do this, but almost stopped doing this entirely:

  1. crouching in a corner/turtling, waiting for opponents to come to you.
  2. shooting sonic booms at really close ranges and eating a SRK or tiger uppercut
  3. shooting sonic booms at a pretty close range and getting punished by
  4. relying on flash kick too much for anti airs. replaced it entirely with cr. HP since FK makes u crouch there and not move.
  5. not throwing enough, or teching throws enough (but that’s just a general statement for all characters)

This, because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

You get tick/thrown once. Then the next time they proceed to combo your ass while you’re paranoid about getting thrown, get a little trigger happy on your tech attempt, stick out a poke or missed grab, and eating an attack. Now you’re on the defensive and reacting instead of dictating.

I also tend to forget to duck c.HP hurricane kicks, I’ll react slow, block them and now it’s a guessing game. Are they going to throw, SRK or low hit combo? Getting block stunned by this kick is a triple threat position that can put you at the disadvantage, and you’ve given up an easy opportunity to give them uncontested damage.

In general I’m prone to forgetting X response attack that can occur to a Sonic Boom at Y range. You know the attacks.
The Ryu “psychic hurricane kicks” they can catch you when you’re being predictable.
Sagat’s Ultra when you’re doing a “meaty wakeup boom” too close.
Ditto for Chun’s Ultra. Double Ditto for Abel’s Ultra. The list goes on and on.

And my worst fault. Taking it easy on someone I feel isn’t as good. I play down to their level. I’ll make stupid mistakes by taking more risks since I feel I can get away with them. Then I end up losing because I made a critical mistake against another character’s easy to chain Ultra.

Not taking advantage of all his normals, his awesome overhead especially. C. RH goes without saying that it is probably one of his worst moves against anyone above average unless you 110% know it will connect.

I feel you on the whole random flashkick. It always ends up getting blocked and me taking a whole load of pain afterward. Another is probably trying to run in to attack after throwing lp. boom. I normally play a lot less aggressive but needed to switch my play style.

Lastly, trying to ultra :(. In the heat of battle, I can never get it out and I just end up losing the match because of it.

Thinking that i can reliably do the motion for the ultra on my ps3 controller. I usually end up jumping forward or throwing out a fierce kick.

[]**Doing everything & anything, except block when getting crossed-up.
]Only throwing sb from crouch position when i should be randomly throwing crouching whiff normals, standing whiff normals, and standing sb so i can be more ninja & less predictable.
[]Not using poking string w/ & as much as i should because i know nothing combo’s to it & fear a counter hit
]Playing with a Shoto, then switching to Guile & using as if his were as just as fast & safe **

All of this.

It’s funny that we all have pretty similar ones. Especially falling for cross ups, but you can’t really blame us. Out of all the characters, it is especially important for Guile to have a charge at all times. Naturally, we hold back so much without thinking and when we get crossed up it takes us forever to realize we’re holding the wrong way.

Oh and here’s a bad habit that I don’t have, but many Guile players do:

  • Not air throwing nearly enough.

throwing booms at the wrong fucking time and eating a jump->combo as a result

My biggest mistake, doing a double leg sweep as player getting up, which leaves you wide open for ultras and super moves. He does a Ultra finish, and I’m like oh shoot , dead. I have to keep telling myself don’t do HK leg sweep while other player’s ultra bar is full.

For guile, i mix it up. I probably do only do 1 or 2 flash kick for the entire match. The flash kick is so overrated. My anti air is the air throw as I do it like 5 or 6 times a game against Ryu, Ken, Sagat players. I mix it up with the overhead ( Foward + MP), always get the blocker. Also EX sonic boom is so fast, mixing it up with the slow sonic boom usually get in some cheap hits at the end to win the match. My favorite move is actually slow sonic boom, dash, overhead attack as they block low.

So I’m at 3300 BP =), and still improving.

I fall into pretty much of everything that’s been mentioned, however, my 2 biggest are not using his normal/throws when in range and putting my self in a corner. Trust me, I have a ton of issues, but these are the 2 I’m going to focus on in my training and matches.

I had to teach myself that I can’t throw a close meaty sonic boom against shotos or sagats because they can just reverse it with a EX TU or SRK even if it is a meaty. Wtf, they could never do that before. The SB is also slightly faster than it was in SFII so I’m still getting used to that. Every now and then, I’d mistime the meaty and it would just sail right over them.

I’m guilty of several bad habits:

  1. Doing (aka double leg sweep) a little too much, and pay for it. I did find out recently that it can be FADC, but still no excuse to spam it.

  2. Use Sonic Boom too closely, and allow the opponent to jump in or do super/ultra.

  3. Use Ex Flash Kick, esp. when they block (it can also be FADC). Waste of super bar.

  4. Try to use ultra, either it won’t come out like I wanted it to, or they block it and retaliate.

  5. When I’m close to winning, opponent will become super aggressive and tried to jump in for crossover and stuff, and sometimes I’d fall for their panic tactic and ended up losing.

Definitely agree with using Cr HK a little too much and paying for it. Mixing up CR LK and MK is the much better route.

Not using his standing HP backhand enough which has great range and is great to use when following up some low pokes or sonic booms.

Definitely not block enough when someone tries to overhead me. I’m great at blocking that stuff too, I just panic sometimes thinking they are going to tick throw me.

  1. I throw booms at EX-metered-Blankas much too often which is not guile specific but annoying nevertheless.

  2. I jump at other crouching Guiles completely forgetting who I’m facing there :bgrin:

  3. I forget about abusive airthrowing especially against Vegas and kangaroo-Kens.

Amen to that! one reason guile is my second and not my main is cause i dont air throw enough.

Tip: after a lp.sonic boom follow up behind it and try to cross over. its great for some throw set up :slight_smile:

I seldom use the c.HK (double leg sweep) due to the fact that it’s so easy to see and get punished for. I’m usually going for the offensive and trying to get the opponent into the corner so I can just combo spam sonic boom the heck out of them. What I fall victim to is the fact that I let my guard down and get TU’d or SRK’d back. I also throw waaaay too many sonic booms. I can’t help but not do it. Also, I throw out flash kicks in two different fashions. The first one is inside a combo only. (c. mp > l. flash kick) or when I’m spamming sonic booms and have a good enough distance and because I spam sonic booms so much, I try to get the opponent into thinking that I’ll throw another sonic boom and kick out an early flash kick instead so I’ll catch them as soon as they jump.

I played against another Guile player and I’m not sure why but everytime I see the c. RK, I block the first hit but freeze up when I see the second kick coming when I can simply flash kick them out.

BTW, bloodninja0106, you play a mean Guile. Thanks for the games yesterday…lol.

My list of usual mistakes is pretty much in line with everyone else’s:

-Using crouching roundhouse too much
-Trying to Sonic boom right next to a character as they’re waking up, it usually ends up with me eating a super or ultra
-Not blocking cross-ups correctly
-I always chase in after my lp sonic booms

What I’ve learned:
-Only use Guile’s ultra in response to something the opponent is doing, never do his ultra just for the sake of it, or if I think my oppoenent is about to do something. It never works, always gets blocked. If I use it in response to a move my opponent is doing tho (ex: after blocking thieir ultra, or as they’re coming down from a shoryuken) it becomes less risk, and more reward. Basically, only do his ultra in a guaranteed connect situation.
-Guile’s air throws are very quick, have high priority, and most folks do not expect it, and it can be a great anti-air under the right circumstances.
-Ground throws are very important in this game, you need to get into the habit of going for them, even if it’s as sort of a defensive measure for the tech hit.