Bad habits with vega



ok i dont know if ther has been a bad habits thread for vega. forgive me if ther has been…i find these threads reely help!

as for me i dont poke nearly enuf, i rely WAY too much on jumpins and df hk…also i try to predict air throw opertunities too much and end up giving my oponent alot of free hits

how bout the rest of you?


Bad habits/Things you SHOULDN’T DO in a real match

While opponent is blocking:

  • Df + D very close to the opponent

  • Df + D against Boxer, Dictator - Those guys (so far) can punish you even at max range.

  • Close FP (fierce Punch, or Strong Punch) - very dangerous against Sagat and the Shotos, maybe its a fluke but at the beginning when i didn’t know why i was getting punished, it looked like the opponent had some kind of UBER YOMI ability… (actually they are just mashing for a Srk… lucky ones get a Super or even an Ultra).

  • Dont get used to your LP, LP, LP, MP “block strings” - The 1 frame link system its NOT A RELIABLE one, YES with practice you can get good at it, but its so inconsistent that its better not to trust in it against the Shotos or Sagat, its better to minimize it against this guys a LP into MP its a good example. (just dont make the strings too long!)

When being rushed…

  • Back fLIPPING LIKE A MANIAC - Thats one bad habit that will kill you… back flips MUST be used as an evasion tool (evading ultras and projectiles) if you are good enough, you can use the BF to bait some stuff (yay! mind games!), But its not cool to BF every time you have you opponent in your face… Good players know about this and will try to bait as many BF as they can.

  • Block + Crouching = not the safest position in the world - Block things as they are meant to be blocked, by “turtling” in this position you are:

#1 maximizing your defensive options : YES it is safer to block this way, because there aren’t many overheads in this game and you are charging for a potential escape/counterattack/reversal.

#2 Exposing yourself to a Cross up! : Players usually want to cross up vega, so when you are blocking some combo and they start to jump and you are crouching, you are increasing your chances of eating that cross up attempt.

I’ll keep this on next time… its late… and i must sleep…


Hmm, I also tend to try and catch air throws a bit too often.

Also, an input bad habit is finding EX ST sometimes coming out, when I want a EX FBA punish against stupid jumpers at range, but that is probably a personal fail rather than a bad habit!:wink:

I agree Vastago with using flips for evasion only and also that it can be great to bait wake up counters then punish.


Using cross-up EX SHC on the opponents wake-up, especially when they have a good anti-air like Balrog’s Headbutt.

Trying to hit a Shoto as they are about to recover from a whiffed Hurricane kick with d + HK (slide trip). If they are fast they will anti-air, super or ultra and you will probably eat whatever they throw at you.


using ST or EX ST to try and stop jump ins even when I know the spacing is off.

I see EX ST get stuffed by everything and its dog but somehow I tend to do it a bit too much anyway.

I’ve been working on the spacing a bit so it should help.


cancelling into rolling crystal flash if it’s a block string and the first hit won’t be connecting. Recipe for Death.


Ditto Graphf and Jozhear


Playing lazy, like mindlessly jumping in or FBAing. Couldn’t tell you have many Ultra’s I have taken in my jail hole :crybaby:


Not using the FA properly…

I dont know hen do you guys use the FA but for vega it has a lot of uses…

  • It can be an anti-air - Not always, but when you are getting up from a knockdown AND your opponent its in the air attempting a Cross up (Zangief Weak air kick spammers…) you can FA and cancel it into a dash (of course, to the side that will grant you the escape).

  • It can absorb projectiles - not a free cost but at full screen its not a big issue…

  • Another “bait tool” If you know the move enough you can use it to your advantage it has a very long range.


Always assuming that another fireball is going to follow the last one and empty ultraing. Misjuding my ultra often… and than eating an ultra back for it.



Oh, and… double-backflipping on Bisons ultra is an absolute no go. =P
I have to learn that already.

Also, poking too much with cr. mp on Shotos who like to shoryuken…


I’ve gotten so good at landing Izuna that I attempt it too often.


thats another thing…i dont attempt it often enuf!


My worst habit is just not charging long enough for my ultra when they throw a fireball at me, so I either just jump or do a backflip… and it usually ends hurting, a lot.

Other than that, I tend to ST randomly by accident… they’ll jump, I’ll do it, they’ll just stand there like I’m retarded… yeah, it happens.


excessive walldiving is my worst habit with Vega; against noobs its not an issue, but more often then not opponents jab/AA my attempts. On the plus side though, my air control off a walldive is amazing. I can “bob n weave” around dragon punches pretty well


This happens to me a lot too. It’s the simple matter of bringing :db: to :uf: instead of :r: but it makes a world of difference and it’s hard to pull off in a pinch.

Otherwise I think I have pretty standard Vega bad habits; way too many backflips, one too many walldives, and recoiling in horror as I witness myself doing these things.


Too many 3xP back flips…I also haven’t got my head around Focus Attacks either.


I slide too much… and you know, sliding from any distance othar than the absolutest max one means punishment.

I’m also too reliant on walldives… which is fine until you face people that k now that FA->dash will avoid it AND grant them a big fat combo on you.


If they FA and absorb your hit, go for the izuma drop or try to aim for their back.

The real deal is when they beat you on air, with a jumping medium something… or when they beat you from the ground with a godlike move, like akuma’s d.hp, sakura’s d.hp, zangief’s ppp, blanka’s electricity…

My bad habit is doing too many footsies and don’t charge while in air so i don’t do combos unless they fail a shoryuken and give me a free punishment. I feel like “if i can win this guy only with,, and grabs… why bother with something else?” and that is a really bad habit.


The problem is, Izuna is very unreliable. I mean, I can do it, but only like 50% of the time I try. And going for their backs is what I usually do, in fact… However, FA -> backdash is a really safe option: if your walldive hits from the front, they absorbed the damage and got into a safe position, and if if you hit fron the back… you eat the aforementioned big combo. FA->backdash shuts down the walldive, unless your control of it makes you land Izuna like 80-90% of the time. I just can’t do that, considering how they implemented it in this game.

As for the moves that simply beat the walldives, well, air to air there’s almost always a combination of timing and steering that beats those. The good ones on the ground, yes, those are really hard to avoid.