Bad Habits



How do you guys try to correct bad habits?
Such as nonchalantly using DP all the time ? It’s like on impulse or something…

Last I played sf was 20 years ago and only recently picked up sf5 in March.

Any tips you can share ? How do you practice and correct ?


My main game is ST. You know what? I almost dropped Ryu because I couldn’t stop myself DP’ing under big pressure.

Before that, it was fireballing too much out of habit.

I just kept playing, and playing better players. I dont do either any more.

You can even see Daigo being punished for doing things which are effective in previous games like excessive cr MK xx hadouken and sweeping. Over the last month or so, he has eliminated these habits and plays SFV as its meant to be played.

Just keep playing to win and thinking about everything you do and the risk involved… Try your best to not go auto-pilot. Never auto-pilot!


Thank you.

It’s really frustrating. I’m starting to rationalise the phrase “the greatest enemy is yourself” fully.

I’ve all the reminders pasted all over my wall - that’s how desperate I am. Lol.

How do you practice? Obviously “just don’t do it” is easier said than done. For some reason I always get carried away and forget every single thing.



For training things like patience I would say you need to play more matches and familiarise yourself with the options of your opponent. Knowing that means you are more likely to choose the best option… which is to usually block at frame disadvantage and usually pressure when at frame advantage.


So I spent the past few hours playing… and also watched one of tokidos video. He was vs ken and just so happened that today I kept on losing to a ken too.

I watched tokidos playstyle and he was surprisingly, very unlike him, blocking a lot and using pretty much only during defence . It got me thinking and I, after along while decided to research and make sense of frames etc. When to attack when not because in the latter you just get smashed if you attack without regard.

To my surprise this forced me to think and refrain from pressing buttons without further thought, but only do so when it is “safe”. I’ve been dying much less and even I have been losing matches it’s now interest to find out why I lost rather than wholesale frustration.

Long way to go but I hope this is the starting point to a “thinking” player. Hehe


Sometimes you may have to take a step back away from the game entirely and look at your own personal life. Hear me out, SF is a game yes. But you as a player are essentially expressing your own intelligence, strategic thinking, mental power, willpower and translating that into your character.

It is just as important to know what you are doing in game as it is to know what you’re doing in your day to day. If you find that you have a strong tendancy to throw out DPs unconsciously or can’t resist that urge, what can you ask yourself (introspectively) to help remedy the problem? For myself, I struggled and still struggle with bad habits, you can never be free of them, but it is important to understand them and become CONSCIOUS of them, like you have. That mental aspect not directly related to the game will have a profound effect on your play as well as your well-being. Playing SF has taught me that much, it’s more than just a game. Good luck bro


@JATOSS I appreciate your motivational insight.

It’s an interesting view which I’ll give some thought. There’s so much to SF which I’ve never realised existed.