Bad Life Decisions: Daddy kicks out daughter, then kills boyfriend


I can’t find any consistent articles on this story, but nothing I’ve read indicates for what reason or another the officer opened fire on the victim. Kepler kicked his daughter out because of some bad “life” decisions she had been making and met Lake, the victim, at a shelter. Kepler has supposedly been placed on paid leave and of course pleaded not guilty.


Middle aged men with perfect mustaches cannot be trusted. Ever.


This in some way also counts as a bad cop story


A police officer who doesn’t understand boundaries? You don’t say?

He even looks like a fucking scumbag.


A look of no remorse.

I bet he is a Christian.


Hope that Lake nigga got some of that ass before foolishly introducing himself to an armed police officer :rofl:


Father of the year.


i wonder if he introduced himself as “the dick that your pig daughter worships”


i’m going to start writing down all the instances of police brutality, because too many idiots still blindly defend the police. this still counts as a brutality story, because he is an officer tasked with serving the public. the fact that such a vile disgusting piece of shit is on the force reflects poorly on all police. i hope he gets raped to death in jail.


If this guy goes to jail then hes going to club fed am afraid :rofl:


I had a violent, terrible father. I’m lucky I got out, the whole ‘arriving at your home for no reason other than violence’, resonates a little to heavily with me.

So, you know what, fuck him and people like him. God damn this has really pissed me off.

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