Bad lines to pick up chicks at an SF tourney

These are definitely mad corny, but I was jokin’ around with a friend about bad pick up lines for at an SF tourney. Thought it would be fun to share and see what other good cheesy lines everyone could come up with.

  • Care to stick your hand down my pants and beat Sheng Long 'till you stand a chance?
  • What do you say we go off somewhere and you can show me your favorite joystick grip?
  • I hear you have a lot of experience playing with Dic
  • I won’t be playing Blanka today but you may still end up taking some balls to the face
  • This one you have to say in a cheesy suave wanna-be player voice: How-do-you-do-ken?

and then a good rejection line for the girl:

-Sorry, I’m only interested in the fierce version… looks like you’ve only got a jab.

Maybe I could show you how I work my Dic and show you my deep hitting meaty attacks.

After whack sex:
Seeing you in action was a joke.

Next time we meet I will break your heart!

LOL!!! Thats hilarious

-Damn girl, your name must be Denjin, because you left me STUNNED.

Hey babe, want to take a ride on my Electric Snake?

lol, negged for 09.

ever been dped?

places two quarters on a girls tits “Next in line!” wink

Lol nice @ deep and meaty, didn’t think of that.

  • Would you like me on top of you deep and meaty when you wake up?

Gives girls 5 quaters then yells “Here comes a new challenger!!!”

This + ur avatar = win!

LOL @ the 2 quarters! I got next

  • don’t block, I’m gonna show you my drill moves

  • (looking at a girls tits) always good to get a double perfect

  • bend over so I can hit you with a standing short

If I flip this coin, what are the chances of me getting head?

Oh, SF line! Sry let me rephrase that

If I flip this coin, what are the chances of me getting head butt?

There’s no need for this thread to carry on any further…

Wanna see my D-Ism?

Guy says: “Hey baby wanna see my Stun Gun Head into butt move?”

Girl Replies: " Parry" and walks away lol.

-Let me show you my Tiger-Up-Your-Cunt.

-I think my shaft needs to be re-lubed. Care to help?

-I may not look it, but I’m actually a Raging Demon in bed.

Hey baby how about you climb on top and pound me a few times and I’ll really show you my ultra wink

  1. (dime wearing blanka shirt)
    “i can feel a spark between us”

  2. “if you show me your spinning bird kick i’ll show you my spinning piledriver”

  3. (to chick wearing viper cosplay)
    “so…i hear you like toys”

  4. “lets fuck”



Dime just won with that one.