Bad news for iPhone 6 users, Error 53 of death

Apple will brick your iPhones if you don’t go to them for repairs. The process is irreversible.
Wait, is that Zangief?

How do you lose all data if you are sync’d with iCloud?

This seems like some anti-apple bullshit.

Fuck iPhones. I will never buy one of those pieces of shit.

I dunno, I don’t have iphone, I only have an old ass ipod touch. Maybe the data on the phone is lost, but is still on icloud?

More links if you don’t like that one. It apparently has to do with the security of the finger print sensor. But some users have had their phones bricked without any 3rd party repair.

Apple has been slacking on the software updates for last couple of years

Turning modems off, breaking functionality, now destroying the data. Lmao

come to team samsung.

I can see where they are coming from since TouchID can pretty much control everything on your phone from bank accounts to app purchases. Plus while error 53 bricks your shit, you can just send it to apple for a new one.

Makes sense.

Much like many car companies that have electronic diagnostics that can only be operated by their own dealership mechanics.

How often do you cut yourself on that edge, pal?

You guys are taking this surprisingly well compare to NeoGaffe

We aren’t a bunch of weeaboo spazzes?

Would Apple still do it past the warranty period? No one has even heard of error 53 until this most recent update, do their terms of agreement cover this?

wat is neogaffe? new giraffe lah? also pretty sure this not end of world so most us give no shits

Apple has always followed this sales model. Sell you something under powered, pretty and over priced. And make you jump through hoops when you should be able to do things like drag and drop files. Why do they have to put “i” in front of words like it’s cool or something too?

And yes there’s plenty of things I hate about windows too. This is coming from a person that got started in school on Apple IIe’s and Oregon Trail in the late 80’s. I’ve had a S5 for 1 1/2 years and been fine. Using it to make this post too.

I don’t own an Edge, still rocking the S5. I wouldn’t get an Edge, though. I need something I can put a good protective case on to take it in the field with me. The Otterbox available for the Edge isn’t protective enough because of the phone’s design.

Also, this new protective measure from Apple only works when you upgrade to iOS9? That’s seems kind of stupid to me, especially since everyone knows about it now. So any thieves with stolen iPhones can just opt not to upgrade to iOS9 and the phone will work just fine, right?

I never liked Apple products. They’re for old people/people who don’t know shit about technology who want to get price gouged out the ass to buy a device just to browse Facebook/instagram/WSHH/other dumb nigga shit. They could do all of that shit for 1/3rd of the price but much better functionality with a good 3rd party Android device like a Blu or a OnePlus.

I work in a cell phone store.

Fuck apple phones, the amount of headaches they cause me with issues is frustrating. They cost more than android phones for weaker versions. They don’t innovate shit and are marginally easier to use. The only phone I’d recommend is the Note 5 because it’s the only phone I never see for service and repair and i’ve seen some crazy things come in (fucking blackberries).

Team Nexus checking in for the obligatory “Apple Sucks” post.


I actually have an iPhone used for work :looney:

Eh, the Nexus phones are ok. I still think you can do more with a BLU or a OnePlus if you’re savvy enough to mod/dick around with the Android OS. I have a BLU Energy X Plus and that thing is very nice for being a phone that only costs 120-130 bucks on Amazon. By the way the reviews for the Energy X Plus say that the volume on the speaker is the only issue but those people are stupid and keep the sticker covering the speaker on the back which is why they’re experiencing low volume output.