Bad Pad Help!


So my ‘X’ button on my new mod won’t work. I’ve tested every other button so the common ground isn’t the issue. The pad that is supposed to be brought low by a button press is never high. There is no obvious solder doing this (between it and ground holding it low) and the PCB looks fine. I am fairly to totally confident that the pad is still intact.

Solution 1 : Drop my ALL buttons and have to manually set up every match (ugh)
Solution 2 : A pull up resistor on the correct pad to Vcc (assuming that a high to low transition is what triggers the button)
Solution 3 : Scratch out some of the pad to ensure there is no connection to voltage low.
Solution 4 : Buy another god damn controller and do this all again.

Help please =). 110+ dollars in supplies/parts/tools and several hours and my stick still isn’t working =(.


picture please