Bad Silver Samurai matchups?

What I mean is, are there any characters Sam has difficulty against? I think he’s gonna have a problem handling Storm and possibly Cable (much more so with Storm). Does he fare well against the other top tier/rest of the 2nd tier?

Good and bad about Silver Samurai:

Silver Samurai in general (things of note):

+Decent lp poke has decent reach and good lag when in close and canceled into shuriken
+Has corner throw air infinite (techable of course)
-Semi-large character
-Slow (in a bulky sense)
-Is allowed only one fierce attack in super jump (unable to block afterwards)
-Super jump isn’t that high and distance is semi-short
-Dash is mediocre

Quickie on moves:

Shuriken (Normal):
Range is full screen
Damage reduces as it travels
Same damage blocked or hit
Can be manipulated up or down

Lightning Super
+Easy to combo
+Deals decent damage
+Has reach (Full screen)
-Difficult to land it
-Lightning sometimes releases opponent
-Can be countered in some situations (during and especially after, though small; recovery is decent)

Shuriken Super
+Amount of damage dealt is the same on hit or blocking it
+Like normal shuriken, can be manipulated up or down
-Can be canceled out by normal or special moves (Entirely in some cases: Shuma’s s.fp)
-Like normal shuriken, amount of damage dealt is lower as it travels

Silver Samurai’s 3 elemental stances
+Fire: Increased damage
+Ice: Increased defense
+Lightning: Increased speed
+No lag to execute these “stances”
-No real use for them
-Fire: Akuma defense
-Ice: Speed and comboability is sacrificed
-Lightning: Damage dealt is close to Roll

Things of note:
+:Shuriken + Shuriken Super together deal the same damaged blocked or hit, most often used in any situation opponent is blocking, and a character or two away.

+Ice stance: Doing the super a total of 3 times, then positioning the opposing character at either center or slightly off center of screen.
Perform the lightning super while in this stance.
Opposing character must block low.
Opposing character loses 1/2 life bar in chip damage.
-Again, no practical use, requiring 4 bars, and unlikelihood of character standing still in center w/o assist back up.

Samurai seems to be good paired off with Sentinal as seen from watching Zachdms (crap I think it was him, if not, deepest apologise.) Sentinal drones give Samurai a way to force opponent on ground, while having an assist that can take damage. Also, when forced on ground blocking, shuriken + shuri super is good. If ever able to launch opponent, go for lightning super for damage. Samurai has more moves than listed, but I rarely/never use them (it doesn’t mean you won’t, but this is supposed to be quick.)

psuedo blockstun chain (first seen from zachdms): s.rh, sent drones, shuriken, land, dash close, s.fp, shuriken, s.rh, sent drones, etc.
-Sadly, there are numerous holes where an assist can knock Silver Samurai out, but it’s a psuedo.

Whether or not he does well against the 4 is completely up to you, of course. You do well, you win, you don’t do well, you lose. Doesn’t matter if they have an advantage or not, all the matters is if you can get through their defense/offense to make an attack that will connect and do decent damage. If you can, pat yourself on the back because it’s a pain in the ass.

Good luck and Neigh Hoe Chin Toe.