Bad Spray

Can’t get this to come out. I’m in training mode and i’ve setup a Ryu to shoryuken me. I do diagonal (to the recovery) then i press up + punch while he’s waking up and the bad spray doesn’t come out. Any tips? i was doing it fine but i can’t do it anymore…

Just press up and punch when you hit the floor.

u can only do bad spray if u can do a quick rise i believe.

it’s what i’m doing.

try pressing up+punch instead of a quick rise, not doing it WHILE he’s waking up.

You can also hold up and then tap (or mash) punch right as Cody hits the ground, you don’t have to hit them simultaneously. Holding punch and mashing up doesn’t work though.

Yep. Fairly easy to do, honestly. Just push up+punch to perform the reversal if you want him to wake up with bad spray.

Be forewarned though, this move is situational, so don’t go throwing it out all the time once you figure out how to use it, lol. It can be punished heavily through a focus attack and it sucks on guard, so just something to keep in mind. The only uses I have found for it are the following:

  1. Someone tries to rush towards me and use a pressure attack (such as Guy’s axe kick or whatever it is (qcf+hk) on wake up. I just throw sand and disrupt the attack

  2. It also helps against those trying to jump in at you for two reasons. 1. If they are trying to jump in on you directly and pressure you on wake up (since we all know how free Cody is on wake up, heh), it will stop them in their tracks. 2. If they try to cross you up, sometimes by using Bad Spray, Cody will be crouched and duck the crossup attack.

I wouldn’t throw it out too much though since like I said, it can be punished heavily and should be used sparingly.

I always chuckle when I smack someone with Bad Spray. The true street fighter, badass mutha Cody.

And yes, on blocked Spray I think evenl Metsu Shoryuken can hit you, and that move is slow as hell. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

it’s -20 on block. you’ll eat ANYTHING your opponent decides to do.

This is exactly why I said it’s situational, lol. Bad Spray on guard blows hard, plus it can be focused, so yeah…don’t throw it out like a scrub all the damn time on wake up and you’ll be fine.

at least it stops balrogs from mashing meaty jabs like they can’t do antother move lol^^

on the other hand: every move is situational. ex srk is usnafe like shit aswell, yet it’s regarded as one of the best revearsals.
so yeah, bad spray HAS its usage. like any other move: don’t get predictable

Yeah the focus is probably the most dangerous thing that bad can happen to bad spray, but on the plus side it gets rid of meaty non-EX projectiles and because of the tall hitbox it actually stops some wakeup crossovers (Ken’s j.MK for example). Personally I think it’s better to have it in the repertoire then not, especially when you learn to bait your opponent into baiting the bad spray, and land an EX RK. Anything that helps keep people from hanging all over a Cody in the process getting up is much welcomed.

Actually, I just wanted to clarify to the OP, you don’t have to tech and then do the bad spray, the bad spray is the tech. When I first started trying it, I thought you had to do down, up+p because it the move list says something like “On quick wakeup”. You just have to do up+P in place of the down that gets you up fast normally. Honestly I just held up and mashed a punch before I got the timing and it would come out every time.

Eh…not really, lol. I mean, it seems like that, yeah, but some are definitely more safe to throw out than others. Such as a Sagat player using lk TK at close range or a Bison using lk SK at close range.

EX SRK may be unsafe, but you can mash that shit out like mad and get out of bad situations (online anyway), but if you mash bad spray all the time, you’re fucked, lol. I get what you’re saying, man, but not every move can be considered, “situational” :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think ive even used this move once. I forget the move even exsists, lol.

lol that worked. i was trying to wake up and THEN do it.



Loses to meaties (not invincible)
Can be focused (no reversal properties in most cases)
-20 on block (virtually ANYTHING will punish it)

As you’re falling to a state where you would be able to normally quickrise, hold up and press punch when you would normally press buttons/down to quick rise. You don’t need to enter the command as you land, you can hold up the entire time you’re falling, but the punch needs to be inputted at the right time.

And it works good to beat people who go aggro when you fall and don’t time good meaties or crossup every time. Knocks them down too.

i love this move. so dirty and badass. it feels good to land this move.

of course its highly situational, but it lets opponents know hes not free on wakeup.