Bad Stone/Taunt Weirdness

So I was playing against Makoto last night and we were at max distance. I throw a stone, and accidentally taunt (really, it was pickle-fingered idiocy). Just as the stone was about to hit, it disappeared. So where I thought I’d get to close some distance during the hit stun, Makoto is completely free and clear.

I tried it in training, and sure enough the rock vanishes if you manage to taunt before it hits, though it’s character dependent. It “works” on smaller characters, possibly with narrower block stances. (I tested on Makoto, Sakura and Guy if I remember right). Characters like Zangief and Chun Li the rock always hits.

Weird? Yeah. Is it a game changer? Probably not. All I know is I lost to Makoto because of it. :wasted:

ahhhm at first sight i would say u just used down + taunt, which is fake bad stone xD

No, because I see the stone fly right up until it hits the opponent’s leg, then vanishes instead of hitting. But maybe you bring up a good point, maybe it’s some weird cancel thing instead of a taunt thing. The timing is fairly tight on it, it has to be just before the stone hits.

Really, though this is more of a novelty, right? At max distance Cody can’t do much of anything that this will realistically affect.

Turn off taunt.

He doesn’t want an explination to stop it, he probably knows that. He wants to know WHY it happens. Saying that, i haven’t the faintest.

it doesnt have anything to do w/taunt… just being @ max distance vs certain chars hitboxes
i could get it to happen about 75%, no taunt, vs boxer…

fierce rock> if it hits >back up some more> fierce rock>hold back>probably whiff :razz:

Yes, bad news for bad stone.

Character specific at max distance
Rose walks back and the FP rocks don’t even hit her feet.