Bad streaming?

Hey guys. I wanted some advice. I can currently stream games, but at a terrible frame rate. I’m talking slideshow bad. My question is, should I just stream at a really low, pretty much unwatchable frame rate? Or hold off until I can at the very least get it running at a decent, watchable frame rate?

I don’t wanna be known as a bad streamer, but if people are willing to ignore other streams out there that are better and actually watchable then does it matter? Any and all opinions are welcome!

Side note: I stream mostly fighting games, so the bad frame rate means characters on screen skip around and it’s generally unpleasant to watch.

My question isn’t about hardware, I’m asking for opinions. Thanks.

I think you answered your own question in the original post, you need to upgrade your setup otherwise you are just wasting your own time.

Can you elaborate? Please be clear with your opinion, I appreciate it

You said it was slideshow bad, you said it was unpleasant and unwatchable. You have to look at your competition, if everyone else is streaming in HD quality then that is your benchmark, if everyone is streaming in 240p then that is your benchmark, same with the frames per second. With fighting games you are dealing split second decisions that can effect the outcome of a game, so skipping is unacceptable.

With out having seen the standard of gameplay you stream, I think you’d be wasting your time if you don’t try to match your competition and provide a USP for people to subscribe.

I hope that was more helpful than my previous posts lol

It was beyond helpful. thank you very much. I just wish more people would comment so that I could hear the same thing from multiple people just to confirm.

You need to be your own biggest critic

What The Furious One said. As part of a streaming group myself, I am aware that there’s no point in running a stream if the frame rate is extremely low. As a general guide, shoot for 360p at 30 FPS. 360p at 30 FPS is a very attainable goal and doesn’t require expensive hardware. Streaming at 720p is a luxury but not required, as not everyone will be able to watch the stream at 720p. IMO, 60 FPS streams actually look pretty weird and I’m not a fan of them, but that’s just me.

Hope that helps in addition to what TFO said.

What are you using to stream? Software.

Lets just say I dont know what I’m using. Either way, it isnt really related to what im asking. but thanks for your input.