Bad Yun got a free win

I was playing an online tournament yesterday on psn (LOL) i was 0-2’d, which is the worst I’ve ever done in a tournament, period. First round, I lost to the guy who won the tournament, PSN: TheReal_Seal, who is a fantastic Vega player. Outplayed my fei and balrog due to my inexperience with the Vega matchup. Next in losers bracket, I played against a Juri/Yun player. Again, I have little experience with the Juri matchup, and first match I lost with my Fei Freely. I switched to Rog again won match 2. Match 3 he went to Yun and it was by far, the worst Yun I’ve played except for those random lunge punch yuns online. He dropped every combo he did, even his genei jin combo, yet somehow won both rounds. First round, He got me with a large amount of throw techs when he was about 20% HP (i did tech a lot of those throws, but it was pretty laggy).
R2 is where he dropped his Genei jin combo. He did - st hp - back hp - super cancel but didn’t follow up, and i just lamed it out until genei jin stopped. I lost the round because I caught him with ex rush overhead with rog and attempted to go for into headbutt - ultra, but the lk whiffed and he punished with ultra. e_e
Was I doing something wrong? Lol.

It’s not Yun specific. Anyone can beat anyone when lag is involved … solid play gets punished constantly.

Yeah, can’t really help you here. With lag anything can happen. I got beat by a laggy Ryu earlier just mashing C.LP(literally). Sometimes you have to chalk it up to bad lag and move on.

It’s a completely different game, to a large extent, when played on XBL/PSN. Try not to get salty over it (I know that’s easier said than done).

Tell me about it. SRKs become about 3x as good online.

Oh trust me, I’m not salty. His juri was pretty good from what I could tell. His Yun probably suffered from the same instances when it came to lag too. I honestly don’t know if he was consistant with his combos, but than again, hit confirming with rog online is a lot easier for me than doing Yun combos (not that it’s very hard).

So was the Yun really bad?

If he was crouching, cr. lk will whiff after dash overhead.

Yeah I knew that after the fact Lol. But strangely enough worked on cr.yang. Hitboxes these days lol.

Yeah it was. Whenever he’d drop a combo, he would just throw tech. Whenever I would hit him with blockstrings, he’d mash dp, and he threw out really punishable dive kicks.

So who is this Juri/Yun player?

Bad player loses to Bad player on game in it’s most horrendous format(online).


I forgot his username but i think his psn is AibanSama? I could be wrong. Like I said, his juri was pretty good.

only when you mash them. Otherwise no, they don’t get better. I honestly can’t count how many times i tried to do a late srk on a jump in (i’m used to do them as late as possible so that i never trade and always get full damage with akuma’s srk which hits multiple times) and ended up eating a fat j.rh into combo for half my life. Same goes for wakeup teleport/srk if you actually try and time it instead of mashing…bam, full combo.

Seriously though, Balrog is one of the (if not the…) most online friendly characters in the game. If lag was involved in the equation I can’t see how Yun could beat balrog. Yun suffers tremendously from lag, dive kicks never combo and all his combos involve some sort of links (although they’re mostly easy). Balrog on the other hand.

…so why did you lose?

I think the guy a few replies ago is right…bad player vs bad player in a laggy enviroment.

“In a laggy environment” is the key phrase, sir. I didn’t record it, so all I have is my word, but it was laggy to where I couldn’t properly punish certain things and if I tried to punish something, it would be mistimed due to lag and delay and I would get punished for it myself.

this would only be significant if it happened offline. My connection can drop up to 98% packets on a bad day… i can be lucky if i can pull off a charge move, a tech, or even block a damn crossup. Online isn’t legit. How the hell else would I have a higher win rate on ranked with my Sakura and even got tenpeat while she is easily my worst character offline than my Bison who is my best/main? It’s stupid. Some characters are invalidated too in some connections. Those poor 1 framers. I can’t even do frame 2 stuff most of the time online either. All my friends who had 10 k characters who uses frame 1-2 combos all had fiber ops. lol

well about 80% of the time for me at least, green/yellow connections aren’t so bad. i can do far jap - Cr.roundhouse pretty consistently online with rog. Off line I almost never miss it. I mean I know it’s not legit, but I thought I’d just share this story, plus it kinda shows tourneys online aren’t too reliable in terms of skill level, but luck if the players have a good connection.

Animals evolve or die when the environment changes.

So in your case, dumb down your game and start doing random jump ins. If it’s laggy then chances are that no one would be able to AA properly… take advantage of that.

haha I like that analogy

Online tactic #1: jump a lot, especially if your character has a fast jump (eg: Blanka, Adon). Nobody can antiair properly online thanks to lag.

Online tactic #2: backdash alot. Unless the safe jump setup involves almost no timing from the player (eg: Ryu sweep and hold upforward) then you can be sure your opponent will mess up the meaty or option select or both.
#2 addendum: FA backdash a lot. Backdashes are impossible to react to online.

Online tactic #3: if your character has a good forward dash, abuse it. Dash in throw, dash in overhead, dash in pressure. Your opponent will never see it coming (unless they are already spamming normals, in which case you should abuse online tactic #4).

Online tactic #4: abuse online certified unpunishable moves. These include moves that have relatively fast startup (20f or so, eg: Adon’s jaguar kick) or recover relatively fast (eg: slide). Due to online lag, your opponent will most likely not be able to react in time to punish.

Online tactic #5: spam long range normals, even if they’re usually whiff punishable. Examples include Chun’s cr.HK, Boxer’s cr.HK, Sakura’s st.HK, etc.

Online tactic #6: use FA as a footsie, even if your FA sucks. In an online environment, being able to reaction punish or even reaction jump FA’s is near impossible. Thanks to this, FA usage becomes quite safe and viable and will likely land you a lot of free crumples.

Online tactic #7: do lots of tick throws. Especially if it frustrates your opponent because lag interferes with their teching.

Online tactic #8: mix in neutral jumps in your game, especially offensively but can work well defensively also. As Yun, this means a lot of nj.MK spamming alongside dive kick pressure. It’s already difficult enough reacting to jumpins at midscreen, but reacting and punishing neutral jumps while getting pressured is near impossible.