Baek Scrub - Need Tips

Well I always told myself I’d never play him for many reasons that I do not want to list… But now I need suggestions. I know all his basic crap on the movelist including what kicks you can go into flamingo stance from, but I was wondering if anybody here could teach me set ups (one of them being his flamingo stance into grab - i’ve seen my friend and others do it but im guessing you gotta do something during Flamingo instead of just pressing the grab button(s) seeing as how it doesn’t work by just grabbing during Flamingo). I also need to know a few things that people will usually fall for im not looking for combos but if you guys want to list any for me feel free, it will save me the time but im not much of a combo person in Tekken (I prefer to “sucker” my opponents).

Also can anybody use SF terminology? I dont understand all those damn numbers you people be usin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously… the numbers are easier, I’d learn them if you can. It’s really basic.
1=Left Punch
2=Right Punch
3=Left Kick
4=Right Kick
Remember to hold 3 and forward or back to get into flamingo if you didn’t know that.
He’s taekwondo, but remember to use 123~f a lot. Two punches into flamingo. The basics behind Baek is that he can mixup all the time. He has a delay if you cancel, but most cancels have a mixup right where you cancel anyway.
Another move you’ll see all the time is d+4333~f. From here you can just do that again. It hits low and is pretty safe. To mix it up use df+2 or df+443~f. That allows for a constant mix up out of flamingo. If you think they’ll interrupt, use the built in enders instead of canceling into flamingo. You can also use b+1, b+2, or 123~f from flamingo to stop interruption.
You have to hold forward or back to cancel, but in order to do ione move (maybe others) you have to have the joystick neutral. This is 3+4. After you do 3+4 (from Flamingo or not) you have to hold f_b+3, but then immediately go neutral if you want to do another 3+4 out of flamingo. You may have seen juggles where he lands three “3+4’s” then 1+24.

df+2 123~f 123~f 123~f 1+24 is your main juggle.

These are the basics. But you should head to if you want sweet tekken action.

Other stuff…
db+4 is a big low that knocks down, but remember it doesn’t hit grounded opponents.
d+33d+3_N+3 is another chapter in Baek mixups. It is a mixup in itself, but you can do d+33 FC_db+1. Which can lead to d+33 FC mixups with throw, db+4 or ws44.
As for flamingo out of throw it is his f+2+3 throw, but you have to input it like f+2~3. So, in quick succession instead of all together. Anytime in flamingo can be good if you get them to block, but you may see 123~f f+2~3 or df+3~f f+2~3 a lot.
b+3 SSR b+1 or SSR b+3 SSR is his triple sidestep. It’s crazy evasive, and you can get behind an opponent where giant juggles/combos are to be had.
Get the hang of canceling into flamingo and don’t get ahead of yourself. Once you get cancels into muscle memory, you can start to make your own custom combos–the reason why Baek can be so fun.

With baekj learn how to Flamingo cancel. That shit is tooo fucking good. Believe me, Flamingo wave dashing helps alot when you need to close a gap and also provides serious mix ups

Dont use the same kick strings over and over. he can be sidestepped rather easy so you wanna not be predictable with your moves.

yeah seriously… just go to the baek forums on there man. They have a DR and a 5.0 baek place there. Not that these guys arent helping or anything, they seem to know their stuff well… but that forum will already have answers to most of your questions, and then some.

Well I dont mean to sound rude or anything but I already know some of the things you guys told me :stuck_out_tongue:

Im just looking for some better set ups (like going to flamingo and quickly grabbing the opponent - I still donno how to do that >.<). When I said I was a Baek scrub I ment I just know how to play him, I dont know any fancy other fake out games besides what ever it is he comes with (which is mainly his kicks going low/mid), I already knew that juggle as well but like I said before im not looking forward to juggles. I’ll check out Tekken Zaibatsu however. Thanks for the tips though I did learn some things. I just got one question… How do you Flamingo wave dash? :stuck_out_tongue:

Im guessing it has something to do with his quick dash thats ment for his rocket launcher/shooter but im not sure… anyway thanks alot.

I gave you two that work well for the throw. 123~f f+2~3 or df+3~f f+2~3. The second setup is for your wave dash question. Df+3~f is a step into a kick, but the kick is cancelled. Doing this over and over again df+3~f df+3~f df+3~f is his wavedash. Throwing out of it can be pretty sweet. Remember to have the kick come out some times(df+3 or df+34) or people will jab you out of it a lot.

Seriously, he doesn’t have too many frame traps or anything because of his giant array of mixups. The basic idea is to get them to guard. That way you can force stronger mixups.
Basically you need to know how your opponent is gonna respond, like any character.
Know that db+4 and b+2 are good for beating highs.
If people start to low jab, learn to use 3+4 (which can whiff sometimes so not so much) and uf+4 to stop that.
Some of my favorite setups with characters are tech roll catches or tech roll setups.
Try ending a combo or any good combo that has d+4333~f in it. When/if they techroll use df+34 or df+3~f if you need to close the gap. Otherwise go straight into a mid launcher or db+4 or f+2~3.
Also after they tech roll, try ffN+3 mixed with uf+4or ff+4. ffN+3 hits high, but can be cancelled with ~f, launches on hit, and gives a giant frame advantage on block. Uf+4 of course, launches mid. Ff+4 is good if they stay on the ground, has nice range, and will knock them back down if it hits.

Wavedashing? What the hell? I thought that could only be done in SSBM. How the hell do you wavedash in Tekken? Teach me, Great Masta.

Also…I have to pay on Zaibatsu to get vid access? Fuck that, I don’t have that kind of money! Where else can I get vids?

Wavedashing was in Tekken before SSB (not to sound mean… just FYI ^^;)

Heihachi, Jin, and Kazuya have a crouch dash f,N,d,df. Canceling these into eachother is wave dashing.

But other characters have their own variations.

Paul and Nina can qcb_qcf~u_d to box step.

Backdash~ss is abusable with everyone in TTT and T5.

Hwoarang has fox step… BT RFF (looks like LFF) 3+4~bb, uf_ub, 3+4~bb (actual input is insane however: I use LFF b,b+3+4, 1+2~4 (the 4 doesn’t register a move, but you need to hold it from here on out) BT 3+4~bb_ff (the direction you travel will be reversed, if you hold the ff or bb input you can cancel into the other foot forward while backturned instead of using uf_ub. Each one looks cool-one is like skipping and the other has wacky jerky legs–not crazy legs however)
Crazy legs involves 3+4~SS which can be done with f,f+3+4~SS or b,b+3+4~SS (in T4 SS right seemed to work best when just doing 3+4 without the dash)

Hwoarang also has snake dash which is a variation on wavedashing. Instead of canceling his crouch-dash into itself he cancels it into a sidestep then back into the crouch dash f,N,d,df~u~f,N,d,df~u (in T4 you could only SS up, no matter what side you were on can’t remember if this changes in T5–but hwoarang also can wavedash normally in T5)

Lei has a multitude of Haha steps and Hoho steps and other crazy stuff that changes each game.

T4 had shadow stepping: BT d,db,d,db,d,db. It was a cool glitch that was pretty useful. I still find myself trying to do it out of habit in T5.

Like I mentioned earlier… Baek and Hwoarang have multi-side step.
SSR~f+3~SSR (people would joke that 2p was stronger that 1p hwoarang in t4 because he could snake dash into tripleSS in one direction)

SSR~b+3~SSR with Baek who also has df+[3]+4~f~df+[3]+4~f… which is his wavedash. Like Hwoarang, mixing special movements together with Baek is quite stylish.

qcb~ss~qcb~ss etc is called hayashida step

qcf~ss~qcf~ss wtc is called shogun step