Bags to carry sticks around


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So does every one use a backpack to carry their sticks around? I’m thinking about adding padding to my backpack, was wondering if any one else does the same.
Any suggestions on material or what ever regarding transportation?

Thank you!


me its normal back-pack and sticks covered in bubble wrap!


My stick is so light and small that I just wrap up the cord around the stick and carry it around tourneys.


This makes me wonder…

what do you guys do to protect the actual shaft of the stick? That’s the part I always worry about.


When taking a stick to a torney I just carry it in a regular backpack. As long as you’re not tossing it around you should be fine.

Nothing really :confused:


If you consider how much abuse the stick gets everytime you play, it’s probably one of the strongest parts! If you were really worried about it, i’d maybe just wrap bubblewrap around it seperately.


Yeah, but it’s going to be stressed out if it’s carried in a back or a suitcase with wheels. There’s more stuff in a cramped bag that could put stress on the shaft.


maybe you could put a plastic beaker/cup over the stick and somehow tie it on with a bit of string etc to protect it in transit.


Well, I’ll prolly have to get one of those flexible foam pieces for my next stick, when I get it.


Yes this has happened to me sadly My sister got pissed and broke my Happ Competition joystick off : ( i picked it up and just looked at it weirdly and said you cheap soab : )

and went and yelled at my sister and never let her play my xbox


You can always get an aluminum case with the black foam inside.

Then you’d be cool… :rolleyes:


Small Flight Case that acts like a back pack.
With some custom cut foam.


LOL i am so getting one of those. It will be an aluminum briefcase with handcuffs on it :X


I do that with my anniversary stick:rofl:


I have a big bag and I just rest my stick on the bottom of it, bottom down. That way I don’t have to worry about the stick getting pushed in any direction. Also, when travelling (evo) with it, I put a pair of pants/towel on the bottom (for fall damage) and some clothes on top, arranged so the stick is not getting pushed in any direction. I then stack my PS2/other stuff on top of that. Keeps it in good condition, keeps the bottom from getting raped and from my other stuff raping it.


I usually just wrap it in a towel and either put in a plastic bag or not before putting it in my backpack…


wow you guys, their arcade sticks, not a vase.

I just carry my shit around.


Really, I just throw mine in a duffel bag with my modded ps2 or whatever and keep it moving. :rofl:


Well, some of us don’t have cars, and we have to commute(not to mention the fact that we carry other things, too).


take the strap off an old backpack and screw it on the side of your stick

its ugly sure but eh

i wouldnt do it though hahahaha

last couple years i had a modded pelican stick
that shit was heavy -_-

luckily my vshg isnt huge so thatll be easier to carry