BAHHH! My arcade stick's wire is broken! Help anyone?


So yeah, long story short my arcade stick’s wire is broken.

I notice that there are 4 wires inside (along with 4 strings). Two of the wires, the red and the black one, are broken off from another end. The other green and white are perfectly in.

This may not require arcade stick knowledge, but how should I approach to fixing this, and what tools will I need? Seems like I’ll need some tape or something, but I’m just making sure. If anyone must know, I have a PS3 Fight Stick 3 (I know, shitty, but it was 20 bucks.)

Much thanks :slight_smile:


I want to help but we might need some pictures to help you futher.


Sorry if I’m sounding really lazy, but it’s just a detached wire(s), and I guess they need to be taped in. It might look something like this, only there’s two of them, which are within the ‘big’ wire which covers the whole thing.

tldr, the thick main wire has 4 wires in it, and 2 of those are detached.

Again, it might only require some basic soldering knowledge to get it re-attached, so any insight is appreciated! Thank you!


pictures please so we know what we are dealing with


From the coloration, it sounds like a snap in the USB wires. The easiest way to fix this is to get wire strippers and electrical tape (Or any tape will work, I just prefer electrical in these cases. It insulates, and it sticks well). You can strip the wires until the metal is exposed, and twist the appropriate wires together. Then tape them back together. As long as metal touches metal, you should be good. Easiest solderless solution.

If you’d prefer to solder it, you can strip it, and then tin the wires (Because I doubt that you have solid core wire, it’s likely braided wire). This is done by melting a little solder on the tip of the iron, and then spreading the solder onto the frayed wires coming out of the insulation. By doing this, you’ll have made the end of the wire into an easy-to-work with tip. Do this for both sides, then place them end-to-end, and again, melt a little solder onto the tip as before, drip it in the gap, move the iron away, and let it harden. Then tape the two wires back together. The problem is that without the red and the black wires, you’re not getting any power to your stick! Big problem. Lol.


Yeah that really REALLY helped, I had an idea you did something like that only I didn’t know how to really apply it. Much thanks, that second soldering way seems hard lawl, thanks for the help, I’ll get to work on it later thanks a ton.