Baiken (and Noel)


I know most of the work here is street fighter related, but I figured I would post something different :). Baiken from Guilty Gear:

I also drew Noel from Blazblue a couple weeks ago:


Really dig the Baiken piece.

As for Noel, I can tell what you were going for with her left arm holding the gun but the perspective looks wonky to me. It just kind of looks like she has a stubby arm. Other then that the colouring is also solid so keep at it.


yeah Noel didn’t turn out that great and i ended up rushing to finish. I mainly just wanted to post Baiken.


good works mang. left arm janky on noel, but you know that already. props on the baiken. both pics too excellent shading and coloring.


I believe the noel piece needs a fix in bodily proportions for it to make sense. The colors are absolutely beautiful. And I Like the Baiken piece. Very dynamic pose with good perspective use to season


I’m glad I posted the Noel. This is further proof that I need to work on my top-down viewpoint and foreshortening.

Thanks for the comments.


not bad. the proportions are a bit off, but practice makes perfect.

Try keeping in mind the joints, especially the elbows, and use them as an anchor for limbs.
Learning about the human anatomy helps too, I got a lot better myself after looking at a few images.

Nice tough with the blurring of Baiken’s claw.

Keep it up.