Baiken animated avatar request

I was wondering if anyone could make me an AV using this GIF.

Any cool looking backgrond would be good and just FadedSun somewhere on the av. Thanks to anyone that takes this up. :china:

Well, good news and bad news.

The good news is, the avatar is done:

The bad news is, for some reason I just can’t get it under 60k. I’ve tried everything that I know how to do, but even at 32 colors (and looking shitty, might I add) it stays above 60k. If anyone can help get the size down to 48k, it’s all yours… but as it stands it’s over the size limit for Srk.

Can anyone help?

Well, here’s a version that’s 48k, but I had to cut out a couple frames:

Just a little fast, but still looks good. Thanks for taking your time with this, man. I appreciate it.

Hmm,but it doesn’t stay animated while I use it.

What if I upgrade to premium, would it work then? Ahh, there we go. Good stuff.

I just re-uploaded a newer version. It replaced the one from my second post. It’s 48k, not as fast, not as many frames missing.

Very nice. Thanks alot. :china:

No problem! :slight_smile:

So i should just delete the one you requested from me? Ass.

I didn’t think you were going to make it anymore. :wonder: I thought you already had a bunch of requests because you didn’t give any kind of recognition that you saw my post so I just made a new one. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean any disrespect.

If you haven’t deleted it I’ll use it after this one in a couple weeks.

I WANT ONE JUST LIKE THAT that shit is HOT!!! hit me up if you can do it man

Akzidenz, nice work. This looks great.

Mmmmm Baiken. Something about her robotics that just screams sexy.

Give me details and sprites, I’ll make you one when I have a free moment.

Sorry to hijack your thread, Sun. <3

Nah, it’s cool. Shade was the one that hijacked it anyway and turned it into his own request thread. :rofl:

just my n ame and his stage background would be awesome… if you cant do the stage then just do a random cool background. THANKS MAN!!!

3s Masta, here you go. Made custom type for this one. O.O

oh shit! O_O

Does the smoke say 3S masta? if it does, that’s amazing.

Yeah, for a split-second. It’s a little fast, but I like it like that.

Oh shit son good looking out!!!