first and last post…ever…

according to mapquest… we’re SoCal, but hey… i guess thats what they’re disclaimer is for. :rolleyes:

so anyways, now that Dr. Quinn is gone… what r u gunna do for competition? haha. i dont even know who all has an SRK account in town. i guess we’ll find out.
so ya… we’ll see how things go sunday with those guys from l.a. ill bring my camera and record some fools first hand, ill let u record the matches on tape if u want. either way, ,ill be around. wait… sunday is tomorrow.

“oh… they messin’ wit my helmet! i had this since the 4th grade!!!”

OMFG that pic is way too funny. Well Raul has an account. And there are some other random guys from 3D. I made this thread really as a joke thread but as long as ur here it will never die:wgrin: . Im sure Mrs Pasadena will poke her head in from time to time.

ya, hes got one… doesnt deep? i should tell andrew and justin to get one as soon as their pc is fixed. wait… even if deep posted, i wouldnt be able to read it cause my internet explorer cant translate into MARCOS. maybe ill just have yur kid read it to me from yur house
i talked to kelly last night, my stick should be here mid next week, and when i get it, im gunna mail the converter it comes with (xbox and GC) to him, and hes gunna mail me back the one to DC. so i should be good to go. since those sticks were made for ps2, they usually have the l2 &r2 buttons, but i told him to NOT drill those holes, so i dont have to cap em. either way, it should be tight.

im still sad about my car.

but you know what makes me feel better? /:clap:


damn… what did we play, for like 10 hours today? well, nick played for like 13… that was pretty fun that those guys came down, they probably thought we were crazy with all that “juggernaut bitch” talk… but after i had them watch it on my ipod, they couldnt stop laughing, and now they knew what the hell we were talking about.
i completely bombed in the finals against you MET, i dunno what the hell my problem was, when u scan the bracket, send it my way. overall not too bad. good games, hit me up when u get those onto youtube or whatever. hopefully “the brothers” and the other guys will hit up the thread. i think for the time being, we have to end every post with a line from the “juggernaut bitch” series.


Whoot Whoot

Another Famous metROCK Dollar Tourny 2/18/07

1st: metROCk (Jason)
2nd: T-LO (Tony)
3rd: Cl0ck Jr (Jose)
4th: Deep (Deep)
5th:Ant (Anthony)
5th: Myclops (Mike)
7th: BM (Mike)
7th: Prick (Nick)
9th: Illan Jr (Frank)
9th: Justin

Wow good shit for Frank,Jose, and Anthony for coming. You guys are always fun when rolling thru. Thanks for the food.

Here are the brackets clck clck clck :wgrin:

Pretty gay.
Don’t you know who the fuck I AM?

Tony I find that avatar highly offensive. You might hurt Deep’s feelings.

haha, i thinnk by now deep should be invulnerable to our crap, he should have super armor or something. im probably gunna start changin my avatar every week to something stupid, im almost sure of it.
but ya… good shit for those guys coming down, ill have to make sure i get that free pizza next time.


Dont u know who Im? Im the Juggernaut Bitch =)

You make me sad, especially Frank. :sad:

I told you that shit was funny, cause I’m the Junngernaut Bitch! and I got a Bitch with me!

U made me sad for not going =( jk. yea dog tht shit wast too hilarious(thanks jason and tony for letting me watch it)

I heard if Joe was able to play in the tourny, he would’ve gotten 1st easy with the best team in the world, team Joe. He also taught that team to Jason.

Whose joe? (Shout out to darell for getting us lost on saturday ) =)


What characters are in team joe?

Cable/Sent/Doom dawg. Trust me, that team fucks shit up. Especially when all Sent does is cross up and can’t fast fly.

joe is the greatest of all time… or as juggernaut would say, hes the “baddest mutha fucka in the world”

i told you that was gunna be too funny, first time i saw it, i almost cried. a couple weeks ago when we went to salinas, we watched it… jason almost crashed the damn escalade. oh, and we watched napolean dynamite, that was great.

" dont wanna hear that… comb yo beard"

Im still laughing thinking of that vid

“I want it willingly” ROFLMAO