Yeah, my buddy and I have been trying to get our AE skills up. Is Pro Lab Gaming supposed to open soon? May be a place for folks to meet up?


Supposedly its suppose to open within this month, but its nice to know there are more people in this community that I haven’t met yet. Unless I do know you and I don’t recognize your name lol.


Haha, nah, we wouldn’t have met. I lived in Fresno for a while and just moved back to town about two years ago. My buddy and I play each other all the time, but it would be fun to mix it up against other characters. I play Guile and he plays Zangief. Online is fine, but it’s more fun playing in person. And it’s easier to discuss and learn things to help get better.




Cool, thanks


Hey guys, how’s the fighting game scene in Bakersfield lately?


Currently having biweekly meetups, and go up to Fresno’s meetups sometimes on the off weeks.


Regency Lanes (Arcade)
820 Real Road
Bakersfield, CA 93309
(MVC2,3S,SF4S,KOF) <-- why know CVS2 ;(

I recently started working out on California and have been going out to Regency Lanes Arcade M-F everyday after work (3:15pm-4:15pm)

Does anyone ever frequent this place?

It is pretty cool because the bar is right there and they let you bring your drinks in the arcade!

I know that this used to be the 3d Arcade’s units and I remember a lot of people always went their?

Just wondering why I never see anyone?

Even still the setup is nice and I plan on going alot since its on my drive home… (MVC2+BEER) +!

Come through peoples? (Casuals)




Hey guys, me and a couple other guys are currently in Ridgecrest, and the fgc scene sucks. We were thinking about heading down and checking you guys out if you still jam, we play marvel. Can one of you fine fellows give me the rundown on what we should expect if we come? Dates and times, locations, tournament entry fees, all the good stuff. Thanks guys!



We have biweekly meetups on Saturdays


Been a long time…
MVC2 was full of good times.


Just gonna leave this here. Upcoming tournament for Ultra, Melee, and Project M. PM me if you’d like more details! Clicking the picture will take you to the Facebook event page.



Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!






is this thread still going? lol


2013 to 2017 on one page. I think it is safe to say this thread is dead. Whats a meatrock?


What’s a bakersfield?


What’s good? I need a stick. No homo.


I provide stick…homo