Bako Tourney (biweekly, Wed.) - Bakersfield, CA - 9/30, 6p


Hey fighters! Paladins Game Castle holds bi-weekly tournaments in SFIV, SFIII3S, and MVC2!

Where: Paladins Game Castle - 6300 White Lane Suite B, Bakersfield, CA (map link)
Phone: 661-836-8304
Date: Wednesday, 9/30/09, and every two weeks thereafter.
Time: Signups begin at 5p, tournament begins at 6p, and it runs till it’s over.
Format: Double elimination.
Fees: $5 venue fee, and $5 for the pot per title entered.
Payout: For each title’s pot, 1st place - 70% of the pot for the title, 2nd place - 20%, 3rd place - 10%.

The venue fee includes free-play on the arcade machines and tournament rigs.

SFIII3S will be on the arcade machine.

MVC2 will be held on the arcade machine or PS3 and we’ll bring in a Dreamcast for those who prefer it - BYOC, or use one of my Agetec sticks.

SFIV and SFIITHDR will be on PS3 - BYOC, or use my P360 Happ-modded SFAC stick, or my Hori FS3.

Other possible games for tourney fighting include CVS2 and MK VS DC.

Hope to see you there! Bring a friend!

Current Rankings -

MVC2 - Neo with 1 point!

SF3S - Neo - 3 points
Shaktazuki - 2 points
StriderMike - 1 point

SFIV - Neo - 3 points
TruAJ - 2 points
Nakatomi - 1 point

So far, Neo is the King of Bako! 5 more tourneys to go!