Bakumatsu Roman: Last Blade 2-in-1 (NeoGeo Online Collection)

Had no idea about this game until my friend told me about it not to long ago.

Last Blade 1 and 2 is finally coming to PS2 (1/12 in Jap).
Anyone getting this?

I will be

I’m going for SamuTen first before anything else. :open_mouth:

I’d love to get this as well, but it’s not gonna be top priority for me. It’d be really nice tho to get the oppurtunity to play both 1 & 2 without changing between your PS1/DC, also in a matter of oppinion tho LB2 is more balanced gameplay wise I always thought that LB1 was better in terms of presentation. I mean I liked the music/stages better in LB1, also there was pretty cool extras as well like character profiles, gallery, commentary, and a kickass anime intro.

EDIT: Anybody kno if there are confirmed extras that we get this time around, or is it simply just LB 1&2?

This is hella good news to me. I been playing these games for a hella long time on my
NEOGEO emulator. I remember even back in the day playing Last Blade at an Arcade
here in WA State if you can believe that. A buddy and me were hooked. One of the best
2D-weopon fighting games since Weapon Lord!


I’ll buy this compilation anyway, but hope there will be some nice extras to unlock …^^ I hope the best for this package.

Does anyone have a site or thread about Last Blade 2? For some reason I just can’t understand that game. I have it for DC, and it seems really slow and strange. I hear a lot of great things about it, and want to play it more, but right now it just sits unused.

Orochinagi covers last blade 1 and 2 in detail, plus believe it or not…Gamefaqs has some decent stuff on it…o-0 !!!

But type in orochinagi forums in your search engine, and pull it up…find all the old stuff in the forums…SRK has some decent stuff here too…but not too much…but if you search you will pull up some worthy stuff here as well…in other games…

Hope I could assist you…and Kyokuji…man when I get a new CPU the challenge is ON!!!

Here’s hoping it won’t be delayed any more…Kagami, Setsuna HERE I COME!

Already got mine preordered…hope it works with the swap disk. I almost had a fit when I saw it on a few months ago. Gonna be sweet…

OK, can somebody please tell me if I can take advantage of the online play feature when importing Japanese PS2 games? Do I need a Japanese PS2? Ort am I screwed since I live in the US. Any info is appreciated. Thx…

i would like to get it but i don’t have mod ps2. i’d just stick to the emulator and dreamcast.

I had Last Blade 2 for DC but not not anymore. So I will be getting it later on.

You dont have the advantage of playing it bc you are not connected to japanese servers in Japan…

You are screwed since you live in the US…If you wanna play someone talk to Kyokuji…he will hook you up with some stuff to help you play against him.

That’s some pretty nice coverart if you ignore the ubiquitous array of Japanese logos pasted over it, which seem to exist solely to ruin the covers of every Japanese game box.

Thanks, that would be excellent. Just the fact that its potentially possible is exciting, a few of the other import VS titles feature online support like Battle Coliseum, Neowave, Orochi Collection…could be sick to get some online VS on the PS2.

There has got to be a way to connect to the Japanese network, some kind of matching service? Perhaps if I had a Japanese PS2 and…?

So true.

Count me in, I’m always ready for some LB revival

I’d get it if i found some money floating around, but right now i’m concentrating on Neo-Geo Battle Colliseum and Samurai Shodown Tenka

I have the NeoGeo games so I aint too rushed to get it…Battle Coliseum and Tenka are making me say THE HELL WITH CAPCOM GAMES…they are on the backburner…

I’m just hoping it’s not a butchered port like the DC version, and that they include the arranged tracks. It’d be nice if they let you play in the LB1 stages in LB2 as well.

LB1 did have better presentation, but LB2 had some gorgeous stages as well (Forest/Flames), and it was a huge step up, game-play wise. The difference between LB1 and LB2 is like the difference between Alpha 1 and Alpha 3 or KoF 96 and KoF 98.

Things like faster move speed, and less start-up on jumps, less slowdown (I think that’s why the stages weren’t as grandiose), 2 types of fall recovery, air and ground parrying, improved speed mode, crazy power links, etc. The only bad things about LB2 are the slightly less inspired music, and how Power Mukuro and Zantetsu (In every mode) were beefed up too much, and I’m not even talking about his AC glitch, because it’s banned from tourney play and he’s still broken without it. LB tiers are still very subjective though. Much like Garou tiers, you still have a chance with low tier characters, and the gap between upper-mid’ and mid’ isn’t that huge.

I have a bunch of LB2 character guide threads (Kaede, Kojiroh, Mukuro, Lee) as well as a tier list up in the Other Games section of the forum. I would recommend people start in speed mode, then work their way up to power, because power links are very very difficult. If you thought links in 3S were annoying, you have to do the same thing here except you have to combo like 3 or 4 links in a row most of the time, and characters like Power Kagami/Power Kaede are very dependant on them. On the bright side, if you do get them down, links in other games will seem like a joke.

I might do a general LB2 game system FAQ in the future, since the GameFAQs ones are full of shit really. They’re good for movelists, but they don’t know what they’re talking about with regards to anything else. Wish more people played it online though.