Balance 3rd Strike

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i said the 360 comment cuz my friend said the only hard thing about hugo is doing standing 360s/720s

thats why i hate posting on srk cuz of assholes

and thx to all the Hugo pros that corrected me

dudley - give him a low poke with good range and quick recovery.

in exchange, take away his low jump. increase the arc slightly.

hahaha jk.

Lol. Just dont post then. Or don’t say something that other people tell you unless it’s experienced for yourself.

And don’t be mad, you have more rep than me, and both of my negs are anonymous.

The only thing that i would change is the Late Cancel of Chun-Li (c. Mk) that move is abussing. >_<

Not entirely, balancing the game will make more characters tournament viable, but there would still obviously be imbalance, and the game would have to be changed in the proper ways.

But it will never happen so whatever!

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I made a topic about this a while back. A few people were kind of with the idea, but most just ruined the topic. I figured something out that fixes 3s

3s is more fun and balanced at “advanced level”, almost every character is mid tier then. It high level play that’s saturated with YCK and the abuse of the same tactics.


I hope your kidding??

Hugo is low tier cause hes slow and big god! Come over lmao

And to correct myself…only hard thing about Hugo is standing 720’s…then add a kara in there make that shit to hard

AND ill knock your dick in the dirt with sean!!

The only thing I would change (mostly shits and giggles), would be to give Yang a good super. SA1’s damage is not worth the bar, SA2 does piss poor damage, and SA3 is just crap. Yun has a HARD hitting SA1, SA2 is good for meter and he gets 3 of them (they do about the same damage as Yangs SA2), and Genei-Jin you all know about. Granted, Yang’s SA2 is good for EX’s, but couldn’t they make the super actually do some damage? Maybe give him 3 SA2’s with a shorter bar (ala Yun), or maybe make SA1 actually hurt, or let him be able to juggle with SA3 like his brother can…

Oh, and make Hugo’s running grab (the MK and HK version) not slow down at the end of the run! The man is slow enough—no need for him to slow down right before the grab…

Actually that’s the reason I like Yang. He’s one of the characters in the game that’s better used for his EX moves than his supers ala Ibuki and Alex. It’s like he has a shippu ready as long as he has meter for EX. Granted EX mantis doesn’t do shippu damage but it adds up and 2 or 3 combos = stun.

he already has a good kara throw. far standing roundhouse. he just does not have a hit confirmable low forward or anything to make people fear trying to avoid the throw.

Yes, let SA3 juggle so that he becomes just like Yun. It certainly sucks right now, hence why Roshihikari has never beaten a top player with it, that’s for sure. Making SA2 better? Hell yeah, now he can use it as a damaging post-block reversal, and make people fear his ground pokes more, just like Ken and Chun, two characters that already exist and do it better. Pure genius. The fact that Yang’s damage output is applied differently from all the other characters and he still manages to be arguably 5th best is really dumb, let’s screw around with it so our favourite characters can be better and go around supering people.

Some of you guys are on crack.

The thing is these topics dont work with a game that is the NUMBER 1 2d fighting game in the US. People are playing the game…not worrying about how to balance it. Especially when there’s zero chance of any results. Just like how the only people who talk about balancing Marvel are those who dont play it seriously.

Read this ^

It seems like every other game I play is more balanced, most especially Super Turbo and Hyper Fighting. And I don’t know crap about Virtua Fighter or GGAC, but I’ve always heard that they’re much more balanced. Third strike isn’t horribly unbalanced, but there’s a clear cut-off where characters are obviously top and obviously bottom.

There are 10 things that I think would make this game more balanced. Gooooooo futility!

1.) Make stun scale like damage scaling, so the longer a combo goes, the less stun is done per individual hit
2.) Projectiles build meter
3.) Genei-Jin can’t be comboed into or out of
4.) Chun SAII is one bar
5.) All grab supers are instant, all others have at least 4 frames startup
6.) All supers, once comboed into on the ground, do full damage
7.) Hugo walks 25% faster, attacks all do 10% more damage
8.) Q’s base defense is 20% stronger, back+roundhouse comboes into specials and supers
9.) Twelve’s defense is same as Urien/Alex, can parry while airdashing, gains air chains
10.) Sean is removed from the game

Q gets 1 frame laser beam eyes.

q’s taunt kills you in 1 hit from anywhere on the screen.

q’s c.jab is .5 frames.

q’s super breaks your system.

q has 8 way airdash, and rom infinite.

3rdstrike is verybalanced
the big trouble with 3rdstrike is …this game not have counter chars.
for example:

in sf2turbo, honda is top tier but he have troubles vs (ken/ryu )
in sfa3 gen can fight really well vs gief , rolento can kill dhalsim
in superturbo honda have a decent match ups vs dhlasim

in 3rdstrike toptier have advantage (or 5-5) vs all other chars, for this if you pick a low/mid tier not have reward for this. (your character not have a good match ups vs a top tier)
all match ups in 3rdstrike are winnable but when you pick chars like remy, hugo, Q, necro, alex you look stupid …because he game have other better chars and you not have a good reasons (outside you really love your character )

pd: not try balance 3rdstrike , try play 3rdstrike (not make excuses for your weakness)
excuse me english again

it does. this is how everyone outside remy+akuma doesn’t get stunned by makotos basic sa2 combo.

lmao 1 frame laser eyes and 8 way air dash :rofl: