Balance change Request to CAPCOM for Gouken!



Is that what people with a life do? Check how long others spend on forums? Maybe he has a job that has a computer and he can spend time on the forum because of that? Call me crazy…


I’m not even sure how to respond to this, not that its true, but if it was…then what would that say about you? hmmm… I’ll just say I’m sorry that my post irritated you that much :frowning:


Are you a fucking moron? You come up here all new and wet and shit and start throwing out some asstard suggestions and when people that have been here for a long time working on legitimate(See:a dictionary) ideas believe you are dumb, you check their log in status? Fucking noob ass adolescent stalker that learned to think and reason off of facebook. Go back from whence you came, child.



Ok, back on topic? laughs…
I think they will be announcing the remaining character changes this friday.


that’s tomorrow :clapdos:

Look at all these combos for this one character lmfao


god damn chill out boys n girls whats goin on in here?

titanious, no offense but your changes in my lofty opinion kind of fail in fixing gouken. although # 6 would be pretty fun!


A little late but I just saw your post today. Good point.Specially the part that Gouken can be beat trying to wake up.
I also main him, but he is a struggle to use.
I don’t think he’ll be getting any new moves, or good links (though it might be really good) but I would settle for just these points:

  • Less recovery on tatsu / one of the versions hits crouchers
  • Bigger hitbox on LP Palm to connect from strings
  • Fix the demon flip grab to catch crouchers
  • Faster charged hadouken


i am just trying some new ideas out o graet and holly mullah , i mean no direspect . we all know that the start up and recovery on his tatsu is bad . and would love for it to hit opponents who just block low so we can fadc off the first hit ,giving us a safe wake up option. a command grabs sounds good imthatiam . getting over head dive kick back would be nice takinflight . but it’s been what 4 yrs.? i could be wrong , but it doesn’t look like capcom’s going to fix any of that . i;m just trying to bring some fresh ideas to the table. it’s funny so see how creative some you can be , hell , even go as fare picturs wow . but no new ideas to add to the topic. just riding the backs of The Mullah , iamthatiam, takinflight and cri25 . smart guy ? yes they are . strong grasp on the topic ? yes they the have . respect them ? hell yes i do. but rest of you all hell no . can you come up with some other options of your own ?. or are like the US . CONGRESS , nay nay nay . expert complainers sitting on the side saying the same old things , critical with no points to make , no real opinions to fix a thing . Reipin you have nothing ,no ideas at all ,ADMIT IT. all you ever do is regurgitate the same things. and dude , i drive a train for a living ,MTA baby. as for your diss please , compared to the public you a PUSSY …cat. hell seeing how you like cosinging, why don’t you and climaxter go on over to you’lls boyfriends mothers house, knock on the basement door and share that meal/dick i told him to eat . it take he’s about 41 yrs.old from his name , so climaxter yo ! climaxter , slow down boy . Imm0rt41 hasn’t leff that basement in yrs. he’ll be there. and playing with your moms vagisil Imm0rt41, o god. now that said . if you disagree with a post ,give constructive criticism . your gouken brother may even lean from you . but don’t attack them . somone reading this page with new and good ideas would say.’’ those dudes just need somebody to agree with and stroke there ego i’ll pass’’. new and fresh can be , old and stagnant is always bad .


@ titanious- i never wanted oh dive back again , started a thread against it…

I stays new and fresh /// peace


… I’m fond of forward standing medium punch being a soft knockdown.
Assuming Capcom listens to the community, they probably pay more attention to threads that are civil. Making strange/repetitive/OP/useless suggestions still helps deliver the point that something needs to change for Gouken…


You are alwayys on point bra. I got nothing but respect for you




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why can’t Capcom change kongoshin can be break by armor-breaking move to still can parry armor breaking moves (unless the moves is Ultra or Super that has it) but deal no damage or grey damage to the opponent. and give kongoshin a faster recovery and gouken a better footsies.


It’s ok I forgive you, I can tell that the written word is difficult for you.

I totally understand how you would miss all my posts where I convey what I feel would fix Gouken and all the reasons behind each post. I didn’t make multiple posts about them or anything.

I assume that since this is not in a poorly punctuated wall of fragmented sentences you won’t be able to understand it. It’s all good.

It’s kind of fucking scary that people with your intellect drive the train that gets me to work in the morning.


Jesus christ your post is difficult to read. Also I’m 25 fresh outta college man and currently working on my pilots license. I have a life. lol @ a 38 year old wanting to make fun of someones age and gaming habits on an* internet message board for fighting games *like your posting here isn’t nerdy enough in itself. That’s some self deprecating shit on your part and whats sad is you seem pretty oblivious to the fact.


That’s a lot of hissy fitting.

In other news, I for one welcome our new Gouken overlords :3


I Don’t know but this will do just fine.


Tell it like it is!!!


And for good measure