Balance Patch Incoming


I’m sure we’ll get a proper translation shortly…

Edit: Official English translation here:,_infinites,_frame_data_and_more_addressed

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Yeah fuck Hugo.


Well my Japanese is a bit non existent but I think somewhere halfway down the list of changes something got changed by 5-10 frames.


They’re fixing the diagonals!? Finally I get to actually play this game!

Based on google translate, it seems they’ve given Juri’s L and M pinwheels more recovery, so that they are -5 and -10 on block.

They also seem to have removed Kuro, Pac-Man, Kazuya and maybe Xiaoyu infinites. Seems Ogre’s c.MP won’t have any juggle potential. Jin’s float glitch is gone. Harder to cross-up with Rufus’ dive kick. Zangief’s quick lariat won’t hit crouchers at the end of it.


Well now this is interesting


Bad google translation:

Looks like they are reducing frame advantage to +4 instead of +8 on block (I think it’s +8?)

I’m not seeing what I want to see… which is Ryu patches.

Also, looks like purchase gems -are- on the way. I stand corrected.


Oh god, the character names from Google Translate, bwahahahahaha.

But yeah, maybe I won’t have to drop the game after all if they’re willing to patch it this early.


If they are going to be making modifications, this game just got a new lease on life.

You’re not quitting anyway, you’re getting your ass online and helping me train, *punkass. *:PPP


4 frame disadvantage to Rufus’ dive kick? Jeez, it’s about time.


Oh, seems they removed that you could tag cancel some anti-airgrabs and stuff just as they connect, that’s kinda sad imo.


I need a better connection first. Also I need to add you, forgot to do that.

It actually sounds more like 4 extra recovery frames or a higher height restriction from the shitty google translation.


Elaborate? I know you could grab someone as they tagged out if you did it fast enough and still hit the original character – I assumed that’s what they were fixing.

It doesn’t sound like a -reduction- on the advantage, they just worded/translated it weirdly. To me it sounds like they are reducing it down to +4 or so, currently its a much higher advantage – its REALLY safe.They are adding hit collision to his feet so now he’ll trade instead of being nigh on invincible. Means slower anti-air reversals, such as Gator Slam have a fairer chance of beating it.


If they’re willing to balance the game this early, then I have renewed hope that they will soon nerf the assist gems. Namely auto-block and auto-throw.


Seems to me that they’re patching the ability to tag cancel, for example, Marduk’s EX Gator Slam by timing the exact frame it connects, as it probably goes into animation on the following frame. I guess it worked with all comboable grabs.


Rufus’s DK was +6 on block. I think that bad translation is saying it’s now +4.


I see I see. That makes sense – switch cancel grabs seemed weird with how strict they were, figured it might have been a glitch.

I guess that’s why Seth/Chris said they weren’t worried about the game’s longevity.


Gems are a different matter. They made a decision to make the game around gems, so I expect they will be more stubborn about them. One can hope though.


Sounds to me like a 4 frame disadvantage to the kick, not the defender.


They don’t have the luxury of being stubborn. And considering Ono had to step down and they’re patching the game this early, I believe they get the message.


It’s hard to say, depends on the Japanese sentence structure and if anything is mistranslated. Anyway, I’m happy about how SFxT is turning out to be honest. I don’t use characters that have target combos into punishable strings of overheads and low’s, who I assume get hurt the most by the assist gems.

I like to think I block well so I get more mileage out of powerup gems. If they use assist I come in with Cammy and poke poke crossup poke, oh look you just lost a bunch of meter and you don’t have any useful boosts.