Ball or Bat top for wavedashing/motion intensive games?

Which do you prefer for games with wavedashing like tekken or motion intensive(borderline abusive) games like MVC2? I’ve heard you need to go happ for stuff like that because of the amount of abuse the stick takes. If you are gentle (lol) does this change anything or what?

Basically what do you prefer and share what you know on the subject, please


it’s not that happ takes more abuse it’s that happ sticks are stiffer so they return to center faster. in Marvel there are a lot of moves that require you to return the stick to the neutral position and so a happ is better.

I know for me having to double tap on a sanwa stick is so annoying. been thinking about switching to seimitsu for SFIV because of double tapping for dashes and super jump cancels with c. viper.

Since the Tekken Tag days i prefer bat top for wave dashing, purely due to the fact that the sitdown TTT cabinets used bat tops. Everything else balltop.

Are Seimitsu sticks that different in tension?

My plan is to get a Sanwa stick with a bat top and a higher tension spring. I’d probably have gone Seimitsu if they offered a bat top.

I guess I should have said I’m thinking of trying a seimitsu. I haven’t personally used one but that’s what a lot of people, who I’m inclined to believe, say. I did try adding a stiffer spring to my sanwa but the larger throw and deadzone made it feel kinda weird and caused my arm to fatigue faster. I think the smaller deadzone and throw of a seimitsu would be perfect though.