Ball top help.


Hey everyone. I have an unmodded MC TE Round 1. I love it and would like to mod it eventually when I know (better) what I am doing.

My question is this. The ball top, which used to rotate left and right freely, now actually unscrews when it turns to the left. It’s really distracting when in a match and my ball top starts to have that metal on metal screw grinding feeling. It’s not a huge deal as the thread is very long and it takes many, many turns to actually take it off. So it wont actually come OFF in a match.

I was just wondering why this has happened and if I can just open it up and tighten it on the inside or whatever else. Like I said I know next to nothing and would like some knowledge before I dive into a stick that I don’t how to fix/mod correctly.


just screw the balltop in and tighten with a flathead screwdriver from the bottom.


Sometimes you can just open it up, take a flathead screwdriver to the back and tighten it enough to keep it in place.

Sometimes it helps if you take the plastic, black shaft cover off, but if you do that, you’ll need a replacement dushwasher. You can get the standard Sanwa JL-PP1 Dustwasher (But you may want to contact Chad to see if you just order that to see if you can get a cheap shipping envelope, unless if you want to order some other parts, too). But what looks even cooler is Tek-Innovations Arrow Dustwasher, Black for JLF or Tek-Innovations Arrow Dustwasher, Clear for JLF It’s just been my experience that the shaft cover can get in the way and cause it to unscrew. Plus, when you take it off, you can grip the metal shaft and tighten with your fingers, without having to open it up. But I just like without shaft covers.

Third option is to get some blue or red loctite. Blue loctite is removable with some effort, while red loctite is nearly permanent. They’ll secure the balltop to the threads securely.


Wow guys, thanks very much for the quick replies.
I figured it would require opening to tighten correctly and I will definitely look into those link Nerrage. Thanks again guys :slight_smile: