Ball top Replacement help?


I got a MadKatz SE stick…and i wanted to replace the ball with a bat top…its tight and feels like its built on…is that so or is it just some strong glue?

if someone knows please tell me…

P.S. yes i know i should have gotten a TE stick…but i am getting it for Xmas so yeah lol


open up the bottom of the SE you will see that there is a slot in the shaft for a flathead screwdriver… hold onto the balltop and TWIST LEFT. shouldnt give you much of a fight. remember you need an adapter for the bat top for it to fit.


You can take off the ball top by twisting it while holding a flathead screwdriver in the notch at the bottom of the joystick.

There’s a tutorial for modding the rest of your SE here.


Here’s your adapter:

Sanwa Bat Top Adapter


thanks guys…yeah as for the bat top. I ordered it from and the pictures showed it with the adapter so i think they sent me one. thanks again