Ball top square gate

does anyone else have major problems doing QCF motions with a square gate? i haf a problem with HORI T5 as well as SANWA T5…

one of the most frequent questions asked here.
focus on minimizing stick movement with your elbow and try to move the joystiq moreso with your wrist,its a sensitive stick so you need much less movement to hit a switch.
you ALSO dont need to grind the corners to do the action tighter actions = faster results, other then that just practice doing the motions
untill you get them down pat.

…or buy a octagon restrictor.

Took me about a week or so to get used to it. But like button_m4sh said those stick require less movement. Once i got use to it i was able to do qcfx2 much quicker and hit confirming became easier since less movement= faster execution.

but when I try shoulderxxGJ with Yun, the 2nd QCF usually fails, is der an octagon gate for any kind of stick?

scroll to the bottom of the page. ctrl+F “Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate”

I have no problems with FB’s on a square gate, but I could only get em to come out half the time on a Happs stick for some reason. I can’t play for shit on an American setup, but like Mikei mentioned, there are other gates available, octagon for Hori/JLF and circular for JLW.

The balltops did take some getting used to for me though, try holding it in between your fingers like a wineglass rather than palming it like a bat top, see if that helps.

you’ll get use to it eventually. Square gates really grow on you even though they seem rather ridiculous for most 2D FTGs since hardly any time is spent on the diagonals.

dam im just too used to more circular gates, i always do a circular movement for QCF and it only detects down and forward =, and sometimes diagonal left-down for some odd reason…

EDIT ; my SFAC default stick also has these metal bars that make inputting moves more easily… anyone kno where i can get em?

DP’s come out like butter on a square gate. It’s like magic…

yet my friends still claim playing on a stick is too hard =. stupid pad warriors.

I need to get myself a cheap sanwa custom -.-

no it doesnt, a deformed DP yes. it detects Forward, down, down-left, down-right, forward, Wat the fck? dam ball top and its frikin square gate i nvr shood haf bought my dam T5 and stuck with my SFAC…

From the looks of it, you’re exerting too much force o_O. Japanese sticks aren’t meant to be thrown around like Happs. Like what Button_Mash said, use your wrists.

The difference between a Happ and a Sanwa/Seimitsu in terms of dead space is huge. Push the stick in one direction and listen for the click of the microswitch. Then test it on the SFAC. You’ll notice you need to travel much farther for the SFAC stick to engage. Just try to minimize stick movement, practice more, and you’ll be fine. It does take some time adjusting to a JPN stick. It took me a week of solid playing to get used to it.

Also, you might want to consider swapping the stick out for a Sanwa JLF/Seimitsu LS-32-01. I’ve heard from some people that the difference in quality is huge. Swapping it out might help you a bit.

thats exactly wat i did, my T5 is completely modded into a SANWA… Ill try less force

I just use my fingers with my stick. I minimize my wrist movemen when I play.

I just got my sanwa JFL stick with octagonal gate like 1 month ago and so far i have problems doing Neutral Dragon Punch in tekken 5 on the right side only :looney: i know its crazy i can do it consistently on the left side:looney:

also in super turbo i have a little bit of trouble of doing charge supers like Boxers super :annoy:

but so far everything comes out like butter, i got rid of the square gate on the stick cause i have bad memories of trying to play CVs2 on the Dc green goblin stick:annoy: trying to do half circle x 2 super.:annoy:

it just doesnt work, no matter how hard or how soft i try my QCF nvr comes out… i cant even do a simple c.MK xx LP lunge


i got one
its all your problem
practice untill you get it down stay calm and practice the motions or go back to happ and quit whining.

Maybe there is something wrong with your stick?

Maybe he wired it up wrong? Do all of the directions work?

yes all the directions are correct, perhaps i should get the GT-Y octagonal gate for the JLF?