Ball top stick diagonal

does anyone know why its wicked hard for someone who grew up on bat tops to do a super quick DP motion? or even just a QCF? when i do it slowly I can easily hit the corners of the octagonal gate, but when I try it very fast to combo into GJ i can never get the diagonal! any techniques will be appreciated!

Because it’s not the same thing. You just need to practice.

I for one can’t stand the feel of the gate on ball tops. Bat tops like happ sticks seem to have a better range of motion that make for a smooth roll from position to position. Have you tried a rounded restrictor plate?

I can’t use a round one, because its for JLW only. I can only use JLF.

You just need to practice. Just because it’s quality parts doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically become godly. Just sit down one day and start practicing the motions until you’re satisfied.