Ballroom = Giant trash bin?


Who saw the state of the ballroom after the finals? Trash EVERYWHERE and I do mean EVERYWHERE. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for that shit. I hope Mr. Wizard didn’t get into trouble with the staff because of that. How hard is it to fucking throw your trash out? Didn’t know there were so many uncouth fucks in the FGC.


yo dawg, imma buy a giant drink with a straw and hold it sideways while I walk through a crowd


The trash bins in the ballroom were full as fuck, especially that one next to the water dispenser. No execuses though, I kept seeing people setting their trash on the ground and knew that shit would look ridiculous in the end.


I watched quite a few people just toss their trash under their seat because they didn’t want to lose the seat. That’s probably the main reasoning but I agree it was pretty ridiculous.


Yeah, I stuck around for a bit after finals and there was trash under all the fuckin seats, I even saw one seat that had a mountain of empty beer cans under it. I did see Honzo trying to pick up a bit as he was leaving, shoutouts to him.


I tripped over so much shit that people left lying around when trying to leave between games, Christ.
If you’re buying stuff from stores, ask for a bag and just dump all your crap in it. Take it with you when you’re done and dump it in the nearest trash can that isn’t full when you leave.
It’s seriously not hard. There’s trash cans EVERYWHERE in that hotel.


Bitching is always better then helping.


With all that trash, they can recycle it and put it towards that scholarship…

I’m serious…


im pretty sure its impossible to cram 3000+ people into a room and have it not fill up with trash. humans are filthy. presumably the hotel knew that in advance, since they host large conferences and events all the time. that said, if it ended up costing the Cannons extra, then they should just charge extra for badges next year, people who are serious about going will still go.


Anyone got pics?


Don’t worry. It only cost us $6000 to have the carpet professionally cleaned. No, I’m not joking.


thats sad, i brought a garbage bag just to carry and then use it to throw away all my stuff.


I thought people usually stay to help clean no?


Good lord man, that’s terrible. Is it always this bad?


Damn that sucks, and people say they want a bigger ballroom lol it’s just going to amount to more trash! I hope it’s not like this next year.


next time call mofoz out on it and bring extra trash bins and pay a mofo to keep dumping the trash bags a few hundred bucks as his job to make trash runs,im guessing that carpet cleanng is mandatory charge when using the room even if mofoz left it spotless!!!

You had mics and speakers, you should have between stream breaks , been yelling for mutherfukkers to pick up there fucking trash and told um what the fucks wrong with them, i know you guys all professional now,But your still fgc and you can still cuss out a room of assholes on a mic, they usually respect that,put mofoz on blast


I took a picture. Will post it up once my phone charges.


No, the carpet cleaning charge is because of the massive number of overturned drink containers and food items left on the floor. Unfortunately most of this stuff was under chairs, so the full carnage wasn’t revealed until the hotel staff started breaking down the room.


Here you go. I know this is one small spot, but just think about shit like this throughout the ENTIRE length and width of the ballroom. No better than a bunch of wild fucking animals.

Going to put this picture in the first post as well.


Dude 90% of evo cannot be bothered to bathe for an entire weekend,whats so shocking?