Balls bought!

Check out my new balls.

Won this auction lolz.

Dude stop making pointless threads…3/4 people here dont care bout those balls

Hey everyone is entitled to at least one pointless thread amirite? I like these balls.


wow, you’re so cool! you’re drunk! aren’t you cool?


I’d like to think so, hun.

You’re so fucking awesome

Can I have your autograph?

Wow those balls are amazing. :rolleyes:

no one cares.

you’re an idiot.

mod close this thread

“has a lot of haters”


silly me. I was hoping for a sticky


im not hating, recognize my name? i sold them to you! :slight_smile: thanks man

lol hey buddy. Fancy meeting you here. Did you get my email? I have a question about the plugs :stuck_out_tongue:

no i havent gotten your email yet, yeah i was just loggin on and i saw your post lol what a small world

oh yeah i just got the email yeah send me 3 bucks ill toss em in, yean dude im confused on how to do the art, i mean i undersstand all the labels and go to kinkos i just dont know how to print out the template on the actual art, but yeah im going to plug 2 of my holes then cover my stick with art

yeah i just put em in the box so just paypal me and your good thanks once again rich!

Nice weather we’re having.

How much for the ryu headband, since he bid and didn’t BIN? :sweat:

Remember when you could get balltops and parts like gates basically for free easily? I do. We called it January.

hahahhah! :rofl:

i gave tge headband away in anhother auction