Balls of Fury: Soul Satellite Combos

Right so basically the minute I get this game I will post every set up and the most damaging combos during and after. Once enough times has been spent with the game I’ll collate some strats here too. Here’s what we have so far.



Focus attack - If anti air you’ll need to dash in.
Jump in - Due to it’s fast start up it can combo from every jump in apart from all jumping lk’s.
Hp reflect FADC - A hp reflect in sf4 can be comboed off of a standing lp, lk, hp, hk, crouching lp, hp, deep jumping forward hp, hk, deep jumping straight hp, hk.
Super - This means that if your sat on a full super bar You can combo pretty much any hit into an ultra.
SS FADC - This combo allows you to use all of the grounded follow ups.

Corner only

Hp reflect - No focus attack dash cancel needed.
AA soul piede - Not seen but practically confirmed due to our knowledge of the ultra’s juggle properties.


Hk - This seems to be the best option to go for during, as it has the highest damage.
Options during depend on the distant at which the orbs hit and should be judged on a case by case basis.


Ultra hit grounded

Hk (hp) xx combo of choice - a super can be tacked on the end for good damage.
Super/Special - You can simply hit with just a super or special, generally more damage would be achieved by comboing from a normal though.

Anti air/ Juggled - Don’t know what’s corner specific really and what’s not. I would guess reflects and normals are corner specific.

Normal - This will reset the other character.
Soul throw - You can use any version for this. It provides an untechable knockdown which can be helpful, especially against characters with a weak wake up.
Spiral - This can be canceled into super for good damage.
Hp reflect into juggle - You can combo the hp reflect into a soul throw or a super.

Here’s a good early vid of anti air ultra combos. Many thanks to the author. If it’s you tell me your SRK name and I’ll credit you.

Example combos - Will fill in once I have the game

Jab/Strong/Fierce - Light/Medium/Hard punch
Short/Forward/Roundhouse - Light/Medium/Hard kick
xx - Cancel
, - Link
FADC - Focus atack dash cancel
SS - Soul spark
ST - Soul throw
Spiral - Soul spiral

If I don’t specify the strength of a move to use you can use any strength.
Damage (Stun)

Strategies - Will fill in once I’ve tried it out and get some info from you lot. For now I’ll put some notes down.

When using as an anti-air use crouching forward to lower your hit box.
Absorbing fireballs increases the strength of one of the orbs. The absorbing can be done before or after activation but keep in mind that after activation even while absorbing a projectile it could touch an orb and cancel it. Also remember that if you use a SS or super before your ultra it will cancel out all the absorbing damage increase from before. If it works the same as the spark and ultra it will at max (7 absorbs) increase the orbs damage by 35%, 5% for each orb. - credit to nacor cb

Reserved just in case.

What the hell, man? I already have a Soul Satellite thread posted up and I was going to do exactly what you’re thinking about doing. I also have access to the wiki. I mean, go for it if you want to, but you aren’t going to be the only one trying things out and reporting it.

A few other posters are a step ahead anyway. Embrace the community.

Oh sorry man I just presumed yours was made as a tell the community of our new ultra thread, didn’t realise you wanted to do this. I haven’t really been keeping up to date with yours and when I didn’t see any combos on the original post I just waded in. Well disregard this I’ll pm you or comment on your thread.

Sorry, James.

Haha, read the thread title and thought ‘someone is gonna get mad’. Didnt take till the first post, too.

Good thing to know though, jamheald, is that Metroxylon is not the community. He is just a member of it, and at times a very annoying one. So if you make this thread any good, nobody will care. Because were just here for the info, and the old thread is too long already anyway to be useful to Rose beginners.

Yeah my thoughts were that there was so much overall speculation in that one it would be nice to have one with the solid “got the game” facts, but if he gets a nice thread going then course I’ll just contribute to that.

What, did I say “I am THE ROSE COMMUNITY”? No. I’m not even offended by the creation of this thread. You read my posts too seriously which is why you think I’m annoying. And that makes you annoying.

I even said Jamheald can go ahead and test things out (Like I really have control over it), and encouraged him to post the info when the time comes. He thought the other thread was about speculation, which is true, but I was also going to update the first post + wiki with OUR findings.

No seriously Metro, you ARE the annoying one, and it’s more annoying when an annoying person accuses others of being annoying. Your first post basically said that Jamheald’s topic was going to be inferior to yours and that he could still do it even if yours was going to be better. And that’s the point, no one needs you to say that can go ahead and do whatever.

And even if you weren’t actually offended, you said “What the hell, man?” and there was obviously a negative reaction from you. And by saying “Embrace the community,” you are basically trying to speak for the community… How much more blatant could it be?

And you might want to go back to your own thread and actually state in the first post you will edit it with new combos as time goes on, because as I read it right now, there is no implication that you were going to do “exactly what Jamheald was thinking of doing.”

My accusations of the troll were correct.

Keep your thread James, he’s not the only one with the ability to make the thread.

LMAO at Metro. Dude you should switch characters. No one likes you here :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah well it’s the internet so eat a dick. I wasn’t trying to start problems. all you little girls are biased against me for whatever reason. Fuck it. I don’t know what I was thinking wanting to help anybody out.

Jamheald, I was not offended. It was just a situation where I felt my foot got stepped on. Thanks for the clarification that you meant no harm.

This discussion will be ‘interesting’ for newbies wanting to find out ultra 2 combos in a few months :slight_smile:
Carry on.

If you really want to create a thread, Metro, I’d suggest to create a ‘SSF4 Rose’ thread as it appears that there is none anymore and people are willing to discuss her nerfs (?) and buffs.

That’s not true. His tournament experience reflections are crucial to my advancement as a Rose player :coffee:

Well this sure kicked off. Metro I haven’t got anything against you so if your thread is good I’ll put my stuff there.

Why can’t we all get along? Rose got buffed, it should ONLY bring us together.

Also, to unspam this post. I look forward to seeing set-ups for her new ultra. It never hurts to have more info, though I do agree that I hope not to have to look through 5 different threads with the same information.

Ha!! HAHAHA! Oh man. ::tear::

anyways…arguments over this thread is silly, its quite obvious that the set up for this thread is superior than Metro’s, because the purpose is different.

Metro, your thread was used for discussion about her new Ultra during the development of SSF4. Its structured to be a thread of general conversation

This thread, is structured to be a guide, a place where a Rose player can go to and discuss the findings for Ultra 2 AFTER the game is release.

No disrespect Metro, but your thread doesn’t have a purpose once SSF4 is released, unless you changed the structure of your initial post…Which Jam beat you to it.

With that being said, you better check your rep Metro. You don’t wanna be known at that Rose player thats not Saqs or Luffy but has a chip on their shoulder. You’re very negative really…

Well all I got to say is embrace the community.

But yeah on a serious note it would be great if you guys could post any combos that aren’t here that you see on the net in this final month.

Wasn’t Saqs the one saying Zangief vs Rose is a 7:3 match-up, and I was saying it isn’t quite that bad? And I’m the negative one?.. I may be negative in some situations, but I use logic in my arguments when I don’t feel the need to attach my emotions.

Anyway, all in all, community, refer to either this thread or mine, when the time comes. I’m taking on a full-time schedule at school so getting the information out there won’t be a priority of mine on day 1 of SSF4 release. Also my MadCatz SE stick I bought just a few weeks ago is turning into shit, so I’m on hiatus until that is fixed. For all you “Positive” people, this must be good news.

Peace in the middle east.

Looks like this time you didn’t do your homework. The SE is a piece of shit out of the box unless you mod it (which is easy enough to do). The buttons aren’t that nice and the board wears out pretty quick because of the stick rubbing against it. Should of got a TE. It’s perfect right out of the box :tup: