Balls or Bats

The title of this thread sounds like porn. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using an all sanwa stick (JLF, 30s) for years with a bat top (stick is in my sig). I just recieved in the mail yesterday, not one but two brand new sticks.

The first is a custom made by Axis with a JLF (ball top) and 6 semitsu skeleton screwins. The second is an HRAP 2 with an LS32 (ball top) and 6 sanwa 30s.

I set everything up and have found that everything feels a bit “wierd” to me. Moves like Shoryukens seem to come out easier with a ball top as if my motions on the stick are shorter and faster but I am feeling a bit “sloppy” rather then precise.

Also the Semitsu buttons are a lot harder then the sanwas and have more of a spring to them…also strange.

I actually just ordered some stuff from LL for the HRAP (6 sem skeletons and a bubbletop) which i’m considering sending back and replacing with a new bat top and keeping the sanwas that are already in it.

I’ve read the faqs and I know its all a difference on opinion for setups, but…

Most people on this board seem to prefer ball tops. My question is why? Do you feel there is an advantage?

My guess is, if I play them long enough, I’ll get used to them but I’m getting the feeling that If I make all of my sticks have bat tops i’ll be more comfortable.


You should be search button interesting

PLay with what ever you like. I had a stick completely modded with sanwa parts (doesn’t work anymore) and I played with a ball top then. Now I play with a Saulabi fake that cost 15Euro and has a bat top. There is no big difference.

The only thing that is different is the way you can hold it. Some hold the ball top from below and this is pretty much impossible with a bat top. I always have the top in my fist so it does not care.

I already did, I mentioned it in the original post.

it’s all pref

people sometimes prefer ball top sticks because american sticks sometimes come out really shitty