Balltop cover/soft wrap?


I’m wondering if anyone has any experience or tried stitching together a soft cover/wrap for a ball top? I’m not too keen on the slick/glossy feel of a ball top and want something textured, soft and easier to finger grip. A soft (but firm core) textured rubber ball would be nice, but I was considering stitching together some sort of fabric cover to sit on top.

My car steering wheel is wrapped with Alcantara which is super soft and wonderful to hold, so I’d like to do a cover out of that, or something similar like a suede. I’m not sure how feasible this would be though. Spheres are generally more difficult to stitch as far as I know, plus then you have a cover loose on the glossy ball so you’d have to sand the ball and apply adhesive. If it’s not perfectly tight then it’s going to be annoying with wrinkles as well.

Example of the steering wheel material here:

I’ve thought about going battop because I hear they are generally softer/textured but I much prefer the grip feel of the balltop


Like forskin


I’ve seen people recommending plasti dip, but I haven’t tried it myself


If you use the alicantra material on your ball top it would become soggy and cold and gross from the absorption of sweat

You better off with thin gloves


Have you ever tried a wooden balltop? I got one and it is great! I have the Phreakmods JLF link and it makes a good accessory too with the lanyard to wear around your neck. I think Paradise Arcade and maybe Arcadeshock sell wooden balltops. Paradise you’ll get a better selection of different types of wood. Google them…