Balltop LED mod


Hey everyone i’m back with some more questions, I was wondering what exact items and where can I buy them for this particular mod~ I cant seem to find the stuff I need anywhere as i never did an LED mod of any type.

Thank you~


You should already know where to check…

hint = its in the stickies…


<.<… should have known… cough i checked there! :smiley: thanks for reminding me mort <3


I remember seeing the schematic in the light up button tutorial.
Or a link to it. Its been a while since i surfed it


Ahh I found the post but it says its not found or w.e after I click the hyper link >< though so far I did find the kit from paradise arcade shop, and i’m guessing I need an LED controller and I know buttons wont work but will this balltop LED mod work with a Q4RAF?


If you just want it to light up as long as the stick is connected via USB you don’t really need any kind of LED controller. I don’t know if the kit from Paradise includes a slipring, but if it doesn’t I would advice you to get one. My light up Balltop got wrecked by friends mashing too many 360s with 'Gief. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, churning butter ;x Thanks for the advice!


no need for led controller if you use the logic chips
i forget which, i’ll find it after i finish this game of LoL


which can be found where? ;o


The LED Thread in Sticky.
You have to read it.


I couldn’t find it james unless its named something else the only one i found was the button one q`q


you should be able to figure it out i hope?

You really had to look deep because the link in the first post is in the format of the forum in the old days


Jesus sounds like alot…


its too ez
its like doing an SOCD filter


LOL yeah my first time doing things i tend to take forever and eff up but after then i can do it like nothing <.< dual moddin to easy bro <3. But god this LED is gonna be a bitch lmao




of course it would be MrMortified :3


of course mine would be DonkeyBlonkey :3