Balltop on TE keeps coming loose


So the balltop on my TE stick is coming loose every now and then. It’s already tightened but as I’m playing it’s unscrewing on me. It’s pretty annoying considering that in between an online match I’ll have to screw in my balltop back. Has this happened to anyone else?


You have to use a Flat Head on the bottom of the joystiq after your screw it on then, screw it while the flat head is in the screw so it actually tightens.


How are you tightening it?

Are you opening the top panel and using a flathead on the bottom part of the shaft to make sure it’s in nice and tight?


i always get a towel or glove on in order to grip the balltop firmly…no homo. but yeah, i do that since i have slippery hands and when i think it is tight it really isnt. so maybe that may be your issue. but like the others say, you need to use the flat head screw driver or something to hold or lock the stick while threading it down


Yup, sorry for not including that. I have opened up the panel and tightened it from the bottom of the joystick. It’s as tight as I can get it.


Put a small drop of blue Loctite threadlocker on the threads of the shaft and tighten it up with the flathead screwdriver method. It’ll keep it on, but if you use the blue (not red!) Loctite, you should be able to twist the balltop off when you need to remove it.


I just opened it up again and retightened it, but if it continues to happen I’ll keep that in mind and try it. I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else.


Usually tightening it up that way is good enough, but once in a while you’ll get a balltop/shaft combo that comes loose over time. It’s not typical but it does happen.


If you have any spare balltops or sticks lying around, you could check to see if either are loser than normal.