Balltop or Batball for larger hands

I been recently been playing SF4 and I have found that the 35mm Balltop I have is really hard to get a good finger position on because I have larger hands. I find that right now I am messing up moves as my flicks are being read wrong because I can’t find a comfortable position for my hand to be in. I know that there are 45mm Balltops out there but I also toyed with the idea of using a battop for the height and being able to hold onto the shaft with my palm on the top.

So do anyone have any idea what would be better for larger hands, larger ball or a bat?

I would go with a Bat top, I modded my TE stick with a bat top and it made a huge difference. I dont really have big hands but the feel and grip of the bat just felt more SF than the ball top. :wgrin:


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You can’t do iSW on a 45mm ball. I tried. There’s just too much weight at the top.

Just go with the battop.

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PM Numbski… he might be able to craft you a custom balltop to a size that more fitting to your monster hands

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I’d go with the 45mm ball. I played bat for so long on my salubai when I finally finished my custom and tried ball top I could never go back. I now use a d20 dice top made by numbski. You should probably check out what he has up for grabs at the moment.

I have big hands & prefer a bat top. But I also grew up in an arcade so I am use to a bat top anyways.

yea, same here. The way I grip the stick is not doable with a balltop.

I have moderately large hands and kind of cradle the stick against my hand when I do moves. It’s hard to explain, but it’s pretty effective. I wish it wasn’t so awkward doing stuff on the left side though, but I’ll get used to that. If I can hurricane kick, I can fireball from the left. lol.

i have big hands and i prefer balltops. play on what you like to use.

It all comes down to preference, but it may also be your grip. (I know I’m asking for it on this one but…) You can try like your bottom 2 fingers (pink and ring) clasping the shaft while your top 2 (middle, index) and thumb are clasping the ball.

That’s how daddy likes it.

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After playing on both the ball top feels better. Thats what they play on in Japan, so its gottta be better!!!

I use a bat top on the TE stick. It’s nice, but I really wish that they made happ size bat tops for Japanese parts. I picked up the 45mm balltop as well, but it takes up too much space when trying to use a stick with such a short shaft. So my advice is to grab a bat top. It’s not perfect, but it works a little better for my monster hands.

I’d go with the BatTop, my hands are like bear claws and my knuckles scrape against the surface of my SE Stick and my Hori F3 Stick.

Batball is a high-calibre table game.