Bally flipper button without springs

how exactly does a button work without springs?

it is to be used with a leaf switch, which is essentially a spring.

yes but i meant the spring within the actual button.

the leaf switch is the spring, so the button doesn’t need 1.

go to site and look at the buttons page. It has the same buttons you are revering to and they also have the leaf switches to go with them so you’ll see why the button doesn’t need a spring. But if you are going to buy buttons, buy from lizardlick and buy sanwa.

Hey Sex,

The flipper switch on some pins is so stiff that you don’t need a spring inside the button, the switch itself acts as the spring. We have a few in stock like that, but for the most part, all of ours have springs in them…


i dont think i explained it clearly. my mistake.

theres a spring within just about every button to enable it to bounce back after each press. without the spring the plunger just lays at the bottom of the button holder.

no you still aren’t understanding it. That button presses on a leaf switch. The leaf switch is a spring. So the button doesn’t need 1. The leaf switch that that button activates is a spring.

ok, i didnt think the leaf would be strong enough to hold up the button.

can you post a picture of these buttons. i wont something with a really short plunger, most leafs stick out too much.

you can always mod leaf switches to suit your needs i think

look on the lizardlick site he has pics of everything.

i have. i can only see regular leaf switch buttons.

They look exactly the same as the ones we show on the site… they just don’t have a spring…


couldnt i just remove the spring from a leaf button?

my leafs dont have e-clips so i’ve havent got a clue how to do it.

Do all your leafs have e-clips at the bottom?

No, some do, some don’t… It’s kind of hit-or-miss with leafswitch buttons these days. Maybe if you explained exactly what it is you’re trying to do, we could all come up with a solution for you here, lol…


lol, give me the link and or the code for the leafs without springs or the leafs with e-clips (in red).