Balrog a3

I would like 2 know how 2 use Balrog vs. Shoto? I find it hard 2 use him against anyone with a missile attack because he doesn’t have a slide I would like to use him as my main character its just hard 2 use him :frowning:

His Turn around punch has a few wind up frames of invincabilitly. (Hold down all three Punches or Kicks then let go. Or A and R or L and B on game boy.) And can go right through fireballs.

It’s cool cos’ you can charge it for ages and just use punch attacks or kicks and then let go when they leave themselves vunerable. Even just a well timed Standing Fierce punch has Insane range.

A good way to practice against fireballs is choose Balrog Vs Ryu in training mode and set Ryu to Com.

Also his Level 3 A Super is my favorite in the game (Charge B.F.B.F + Kick) And his Charging straight can hit low (Charge Back Down/Forward and Punch.

He ain’t too hard after a while. He’s pretty intuitive if you Keep Charged Down/Back or your turnaround Punch when nothings happening.

Heheh, back in the days of the MegaDrive, I even made my own custom thing to help with that Turn-punch. It was a paperclip, bent so it was slightly curved and fitted onto the controller. I then superglued it to a bit of flat, soft plastic (1.5cm wide, 5cm long), and then rubbercoated the whole thing. It was then easy to use one finger to press the whole thing against the 3 kick buttons (ABC)! You then fight with the 3 punch buttons as normal, until you score a Dizzy, at which point you let go with the final!

Of course, nowadays with the PS2 you can just assign that press combination to L2 and be done with it!

Anyway, I suppose in A3 he’s not much different to how he was in the older games. His jump is the main problem, and his lack of variety of moves. He makes up for it with ground speed and almost unrivalled power (but you obviously knew that!).

As said above, you could use an early fierce to trade hits on the hadoken. Or if you have a down charge, you could shoulderbutt through it to get them (in certain Isms). Just stay close.

With any opening (missed dragon etc), then you can usually land a huge combo on them- even from a standing start you can get about 4 hits plus a super.

Stick his fist in their face a lot. Doing this forces them to calculate a safe time to throw one without eating a major counter. Trades are in Rog’s favor.

Jump in with a jab at a proper distance. A dp only has so much arc to it. Anyway, the jab has great priority and if you stick it out on the way up it will land as a counterhit allowing you to land into a nice combo which can include a super.

An AC is good to corner Ryu giving him little space to even throw one but you gotta have your rushdown game solid if you want to risk having no guardmeter.

Lastly, you can simply nullify the tactic by jumping straight up over the fireball.

Now I’ve got to correct some things in the spirit of controlling misinformation. No disrespect intended here:

This is Xism only and he is only invincible mid. The longer the charge, the longer the invincibility.

Careful with the GB(lvl3). It has huge start up but does eat up fireballs including Sim’s Yoga Tempest. His dashing straight does not hit low at all. It hit’s many characters while ducking but it’s a matter of the opposing characters size. As for shotos, it can hit Akuma. Ken actually crouches below Rog’s standing fierce.

That’s an easy way to get your ass kicked. You don’t want to do this in A3. You weaken Rog’s overall game by merely charging. He has no freedom and things take longer to come out if you are crouching thus weakening normals like st. fierce and leaving him unable to jump fireballs on reaction all due to having to go through standing animation before anything can happen. The TAP is match up specific and still not very beneficial overall since you are either losing his punch or kick specials along with a cr.RH or low dash(the one that knocks down and sets up juggles). Honestly, I could go on and on at how wrong this is but I’ll sum it up to say that this will get you nowhere in real competition. This will get your ass guardcrushed, kicked, and Rog will end up being a combo dummy to anyone good. I don’t know any boxers irl or sf that win while being stationary. Bad advice. Sorry man.

Rog is VERY different. But then, even on older games he changes significantly from game to game aside from a few common pressure strings. Still, in A3 he is WAAAAY different. His jump is a huge asset. It’s just high enough to get over things and comes down quickly. It’s a really nice, short jump that works well with his downward jumping attacks. I can’t understand how his jump could be a main problem when it’s one of his main assets. I suppose in Xism he does lack variety but his only weakness in Xism is to free visms and lack of an AC. Otherwise, everything he needs is still there only combined into less moves.

This is where this is getting bad. In A3, the headbutt doesn’t have any invincibility. In fact, unless you’re playing the dc version or another non-tournament version, the headbutt is a reversal only move(meaning you can only do it upon getting up, after blocking or getting hit, or, of course, as his AC in aism). Basically, the advice in the above quote doesn’t even apply to A3. You’re not helping someone if you don’t know what you’re actually saying or talking about. I don’t get stuff like that.

There’s gotta be some Rog info left in past SRK posts somewhere. Or did they delete everything with the reset?



in a3 should I use v-ism with Balrog? I dunno I find jab or cr.jab and stuff alot more effective than pierce or rh because they are so slow of attacks i find IN eed 2 jab a few times before use my rh, or pierce. also I find it hard 2 beat opponents with sliding, and especially dhaslim because he has the length with his limbs, and I don’t understand how do you hit his limbs exactly?


Heheh. What’s wrong with your “f” key? There’s no “pierce” button:p

Cr.Strong is your friend. Jabs are better for defense. Strong has more priority.

Slides need to be countered. It’s easier with Rog than most. It’s similar to hitting the limbs but hitting these comes down to experience and catching onto your opponents rhythm. The idea is to have your cr.strong fully extended as they attack into it. That’s not something you can practice vs. a computer. Play some comp or watch some vids. You’ll get it down:)


The problem with my strong is that I only play on gba, my friends have link, but I want 2 play on here, but I would have no1 2 play against I want 2 either get good with Balrog or/and some low ranked character I was thinking T.Hawk(don’t know what tier he’s in) or M.Bison

I also used to think that Rog’s jump is a disadvantage until I saw this sick ST vid of some guy playing Rog vs. a Ryu player. Hadokens couldn’t even touch him and he’s just butchering him in the corner with strings.

Anyway, I just recently got the EVO 2002/2003 DVD’s and Apoc is honestly one of the most entertaining SF player I’ve seen. Not to kiss butt or anything, but I watch his A-Balrog performance (A3) and his Vega (ST) over and over. I just like his daredevil approach in his games. The Chikyuu (V-Sodom) vs. Apoc (A-Balrog) is possibly the best A3 match I’ve seen in a while.

Well, I tested it again last night on the PS (and I’m not sure why they would change something that dramatically from the arcade). Maybe you’re right in A-ism, but in V-ism, you definately can do the headbutt offensively and defensively at any time and in any situation. Fair enough that in the 10 mins I practiced, I couldn’t go all the way through a Charlie Sonic Boom though… I’ll have to investigate if it has any invincibility

Yeah, I said that he only had the headbutt in Vism as a regular special in non-tournament versions. There is no tournament version on a console. Still, if you want to see how Rog acts in the arcade there is a code to pick arcade Rog in PSX and I think DC also. I think it’s hold down start when you pick him after beating the game on a certain level.

Anyway, the only games where the headbutt is invincible are SSF2 and SSF2T. Oh! And a roll-cancelled headbutt in CvS2, heheh. Arcade SFA3 headbutt is a reversal-only special in Aism and Vism.

I hope that I didn’t offend you. I just wanted to straighten things out.


Thanx 4 the props H0C:)


Rog v. A-Sim, $$$ match?

are you down?

On A3? Wow! Yeah I’m down. I actually have some friends going down this weekend. Maybe I can hit up Family Fun on the same day you’re doing this with Cole:)

What kinda terms do you want? Let me know.

Heheh. I’ll rush your sh*t down though. Try and keep me out:cool:


Can you actually beat a good dhaslim character with Balrog? Can you save the match and put it on here? because I want 2 see how you play Balrog how do I buy this dvd that your on or whatever? Is Balrog good enough 2 beat any of the top guys if used properly? Btw you didn’t say with ism is best on a3 for Balrog or does it depend on the person?

Yeah. X vs X is a freebie for Rog, imo. A vs. A is 50/50 on paper but my win ratio is more like 85% in Rog’s favor. There’s nothing for Rog to fear from A-Sim.

A-Rog is the best version of Rog on the arcade. I think Rog can compete with any character. There are some characters he shouldn’t beat though, lol.

You can grab that dvd through this site although I’m on my way out so, I’ll get the link later if you can’t find it. There’s some Vegas footage online that you can get at Drfunk’s hub, I think. Look up Vegas or A3.


K thx alot I like Balrog the most I think I will use him + M.Bison because I think he is pretty good even tho most people don’t use him, do you know any good movies for him 2?

Hey APOC thats some cool tips bro.

Cheers for filling in the gaps. I haven’t played Rog much since Super turbo.

Your’e totally right. He’s changed alot!

When I mean charging I didn’t mean to totally turtle up. No way Rog has got such mad speed it be waste to block all the time. I mean ethier holding down kick buttons or Punches or Just simply charging back when you Jump in. But good advice though man. I agree with you.

I was surprised to find out about his headbutt. I used to abuse that Move in the Super turbo days.

Rog still kicks supreme ass.

what’s the greatest advantage of playing A-Rog over X-Rog? besides the alpha counter i mean. i’m speaking as a casual X-Rog player that just can’t get used to A-Rog’s dash straight. it doesn’t hit all crouchers, and his dash slide just seems so slow because it moves so far that i need to put extra effort into positioning myself right so the tip of it hits. does A-Rog even use dash straight? and what’s his knockdown upper (c b, df+K) used for?

also, i thought Rog’s invincibility on the TAP was lost on higher levels? or maybe that was ST, i dunno. i just have a hard time using Rog’s TAP for anything besides pressure strings at low levels coz the invincibility seems so bad.

random cute trick: anti-air with JP (counterhit) xx TAP. for higher levels, use c.SP xx TAP. nice damage, probably not practical vs top tier. but still cute.

oh… and thanks in advance. are Apoc’s A-Rog match vids on the www? somebody link me, that i might see the light.


I’ve noticed that Balrog is invicible while turning on his powered up attack that works against missiles


I am having a hard time with kids that play anything with a sliding attack with Balrog because whenever I try to low rush or whatever its called they slide me just before I get in, and also if they have a missile attack they shoot it then when I jump over it they either slide or use an anti-air attack how do I get by this? Also this is for anyone why isn’t Dee-Jay ranked is he not in the arcade a3?