Balrog AE changes on nMo podcast youtube




here is a video podcast with players round table.

this is very informative and player speak on there concerns about
balrogs nerfs


No punishment? Headbutt even before this change is so easily safejumped and/or horribly easy to punish alone, nevermind with nerfs.

Additionally, his DashPunches are mediocre specials themselves. The non punishables are likely light.DS used to hit with the tip of the glove which is relatively safe. Any closer distance than that can spell big trouble and/or eat focus baiting if a Balrog relies on, or becomes predictable with Dash Punches. DLBlow can be swept by most of the cast on block when used too close and has more recovery (though the pushback is a little better), his one and only overhead is slow and easy to react to by proper players with good reflexes and nevermind the fact that it’s heavily punishable, Torpedo is just OK.

Heck you can throw him out of them and I’ve seen a fair share of SRK>FADC>Ultras used on even close range DPunches when predicted correctly, nevermind horribad Balrogs who use Fierce Dashes mid/fullscreen away. Not many solid players fall for it as much as this podcast makes out (And yes, I do realise they aren’t talking entirely from a professional perspective but also emphasise typical gameplay).

As for TAP, come on, the same applies - If it’s Lvl1 and used to hit at the tip of the glove, Balrog may get away with that - Anything else and it’s asking for punishes, neutral jumps, throws or special punishes with relative ease.

I lost interest shortly after that rant, it’s hard to listen in on it when the volume of the talking is so low/low quality AND someone thought it was a good idea to put music in on top of that.

“I’ve seen Balrog go from a Dash Punch INTO a Dash Punch!!!”, “You mean TAP, right?”, “YEAH!”

I don’t know, I may have found it more ‘informative’ if I stuck with it but the little I heard didn’t seem to say anything actually about the nerfs other than ‘it was like this without nerfs’.

Don’t pay any attention to me anyways, I’m still playing Vanilla :wink:


not trying to sound harsh but I certainly agree with RopeDrink


Just for the record I wasn’t trying to be harsh either, just stating how hard I found it to actually stick to listening when it seemed like a lot of useless information was being discussed and the voice-volume being so low and drowned out by Balrog Theme (Which, I hate to admit it, I was NEVER a fan of).

On the more positive side at least thats some relatively healthy criticism (regarding the music) and it IS nice to see Podcasts being done so kudos either way. Some may enjoy it/appreciate it more than I did for sure.


lol this podcast sucks

there is no punishment - ahahahahah
he can do a move and then another move -lolol
balrog sucks in other games- omg


could you find 4 guys who know less about street fighter to do a podcast?


Horrible podcast.

They had no idea what in the hell they were talking about…sorry nMo


sorry that most of you feel that way.


Don’t take it the wrong way, I know we are usually assholes around here just to be assholes, but this one was rather warranted. You guys didn’t really do your homework. Maybe next time. :coffee:


wha didnt we cover? what hmework ? what inthe coverstation and who was in the coversation didnt have there points not backed up?


Haven’t listened to it, don’t really plan to, but from RopeDrink’s post it sounds more like the points were backed up with blatantly incorrect information.


I don’t really see why there are any complaints about the headbutt. It’s not a real viable anti-air because of the slow startup time. You can use it in combos, or through projectiles, as a counter, or for some shenanigans, but I don’t see how it isn’t punishable. The guy in the podcast talks about how if you miss a flash kick or an SRK you are done … but if you miss a headbutt it is the same.

As RopeDrink said before, all of Rog’s specials are punishable … and a few of them are not if you hit with just the tip. Hell, Ken can punish blocked jab dash straight with fierce SRK, and Chun Li can punish everything on block with her super. I don’t see where the complaint about the armor breaking comes from, because Rog’s three armor breaking specials are ridiculously punishable. TAP needs to be spaced well, but to do that you are coming from a distance which makes it prime bait for reversals. Dash low uppercut or whatever people call it … is -5 for the short version. That means someone like Dudley can block it and then do stand roundhouse into a gigantic combo … which then leads to a knockdown … which then leads to his mixup game. I rarely if ever use that unless I want to show the other guy I’m not afraid to try to punish his FA baits … or if I have two meters handy to FADC out of. Dash OH is also super easy to react to so you really need to use them sparingly and mix up your offense.

I think someone already stated this before, but you can be thrown out of your dash punches too. I never understood where all the Rog hate came from. Derrr … easy mode combo into ultra … but people forget that it is significantly scaled. I also don’t see how it is all that much different from Ryu being able to FADC ultra off a low jab, low short bleah bleah bleah or Rufus’s do anything and you can ultra afterwards.

I mean … if you are complaining that none of Rog’s specials are punishable … you need to level up your game. I think the key complaints from Rog players is that he was fine before and if anything he needed a buff or two. If the other guy has a life lead … Rog doesn’t have a whole lot of ways to open the guy up.


Yeah man that last part is real talk. Honestly, it’s probably just that people restate whatever they hear, even if they don’t experience it first hand. I’ve always heard about Rog being too good and stupid shit like that. But I’ve mained him for awhile, and he’s good, but he is by no means broken, unpunishable, gdlk, or whatever. Every character with the right player behind them can seem to be unstoppable.
People say Makoto sucks, so everyone will believe it. Justin Wong however, can make Makoto look like a beast. It’s essentially the same when people think Barlog is too good. There are a ton of things that make him just an ok character. Everyone’s got their strengths and weaknesses. No one is too good.


not that i agree or disagree with more recovery on missed headbutts, but how is this a change that will effect any half competent player? granted you have to be equally terrible to not punnish a missed headbutt as you would have to be to do random non combo headbutts anyway.

not really much of a nerf IMO. just punnishes sloppy play more


Ok, listened to this… some feedback:

  • The music/sound overlays need to never happen again.
  • Rog was never good? ST players would like a word with you. This comes up again at 6:50, what the fuck are you people talking about?
  • No punishes? Learn to play. Who are these scrubs?
  • Real fighting? You realize people throw fireballs in this game right?
  • Yes, Dirty Bull is terrible. So is Ryu’s U2. Get over it, not even sure why this is being touched on…

Some of the stuff that gets discussed is just plain common knowledge that even new players should know about… It’s great that you’re trying to contribute here but really this just sounds like a Skype conversation full of butt hurt people who either don’t know how to fight against Balrog or play Balrog and don’t know how he works…

I hate to hate on your efforts but really the 13 minutes I just spent listening to this could be summed up as “hurf durf FADC on headbutts plox”.


You could ambiguous headbutt after a knockdown for a mixup landing. Not random, but non-combo.


ok i guess…

not really a vital mixup, but ok


It’s not a vital mixup, but for a character that doesn’t have any super useful mixups to begin with, it’s nice to bring out once in a while to keep your opponents on their toes.

There are other situations where the increased delay on whiff headbutt recovery hurts Rog. You can use it to advance on people while building meter on people throwing lots of fireballs at you. You can also use it to whiff through people in certain situations, particularly when you are cornered. I suspect none of that works anymore.

I think if you look at each of these nerfs they don’t seem that bad individually … but he has lost a lot of tools that were used by people in SSF4. The only thing he seemed to have gained was the force stand duck strong. I’ve only seen a few of PR Rog’s AE matches, but it doesn’t look like he was able to connect anything off of it at all. I was envisioning something like being able to start a combo off a duck jab like Dudley … but so far that doesn’t look like it is the case. It seems like the combination of the duck jab and stand strong pushes your opponent too far away.


RIP… HB’s to get in on Sagat…

Hmmmm Akuma Air FB’s wonder how much time he has to land to punish as well.


Thanks for the link…I threw a few salty comments on youtube :stuck_out_tongue: