Balrog Army EVO 2k14



Oi. Who’s all going to be present at EVO? (and who’s competing?)

I always look forward to seeing other Balrog player at tourney’s, both the lurkers :slight_smile: and those who post.

I’d like to see some of you play, and if you’d like to see me get bodied i’ll welcome the audience. :slight_smile:
Good luck to all Balrog player’s going.


Good luck everyone! Go get that bike money!


GL Enig! Hope to run into you at Evo, man! You, Javits, Justin, and the other regulars here have helped me learn so much in this game.
I’m hoping to make it out of pools. I’m “WillGetPaid” btw.


ill be in the room around that time. Will probably spectate.


We defiantly didn’t get paid this EVO :frowning:


lol, that’s about right. Keno did make it out of pools. I got bodied but that’s another story in and of itself.


Did you at least meat crandalf? I was watching from home(in NZ), dude played first wearing a gandalf getup and playing balrog. got bodied but it was awesome.

Who beat Keno?


Didn’t meet crandalf, i watched his match though. I know he made it out of pools, not sure who knocked him out though.